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This page

Since one does not simply create a user page, a talk page is utilized, it's also used as a sandbox to practice MediaWiki editing skills. I hope my little contributions here give something back to the Evangelion community and future viewers and fans.

My experience with Evangelion

First direct contact with the anime was in my high school year (2010?). On a bus to I-forgot-where[1], a classmate of mine was watching the anime on his phone. I joined him out of curiosity and/or bordom. The episode he was watching was episode 5. To be precise, it was Scene 3 Gym Class ~ The Cage. The next scene I remember watching was Scene 5 The Keepsake. lol

At first, the name was really funny to me, because the Chinese name 新世紀福音戰士, there is 戰士 'warrior' added to the name, making it Neon Genesis Evangelion Warrior, even weirder than just Neon Genesis Evangelion (as for a person who didn't watch anime at the time). I also remembered that there was an anime where characters' names are named after WWII IJN warships (forgot how I learnt that). I remember I spoiled my self by (deliberately?) watching clips of the (EoE) ending (not sure if I did that to know if the anime is worthy of my time).

In June 2016, I finally watched the whole anime.

To do list



  1. Chinese chess competition (most likely)/Ocean Park/Hong Kong Disneyland?