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Just gonna keep some notes here to remind me what I'm doing when I have the spare time. --DarkBluePhoenix (talk) 04:00, 25 March 2018 (UTC)

Currently working on

To Work On In Future

  • Update Campus Apocalypse pages to match other Manga Pages.
    • Add page for fourth volume
    • Discuss changing page names from to Campus Apocalypse


  • Created Raising Project Manga volume pages.
  • Uploaded covers for Raising Project Manga.
  • Uploaded higher res covers for NGE Manga.
  • Updated publishing dates for NGE and Raising Project manga.
  • Created Rei and Shinji (Relationship) page.
  • Update Asuka and Shinji (Relationship) page
  • Shinji Ikari Raising Project Manga
    • Volume 18 needs to be updated when its released.
      • English Cover needs to be uploaded.