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An Encyclopedia of Evangelion Related Topics

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Cast of Evangelion Takeshi Honda.jpg

The cast of flawed and separate beings that makes Evangelion so compelling.



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Nerv's Ultimate Multi-purpose Decisive Weapon; the synthetic-human Evangelions. The Evas have the power to save the world, but also to destroy it.



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The enigmatic Angels are linked to the near-destruction of the world 15 years ago during The Second Impact. Now they have returned, and only the Evas can stop them.


Organisations, Events & Places

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The Special Agency Nerv has been tasked by the UN with defeating the Angels and preventing Third Impact from wiping out mankind. But there is more to Nerv and its mission than meets the eye.


Episodes and Films

The original run of Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast as a 26 episode Television anime—later released on home video—which was followed by a series of theatrical films.


Other Publications

The Evangelion franchise has spanned multiple media since its inception, with multiple continuities and re-imaginings of the original series in existance—both official and unoffical.


Theory & Analysis

Since its release, the Evangelion fandom has subjected to series to extensive and in-depth analysis. The fruits of over a decade of debate and discovery are archived here.