Evangelion: Death (soundtrack)

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Evangelion Death
Evangelion death.jpg
  • Japan King Records/Starchild
Release Date
  • Japan June 11, 1997
Media Type Audio CD
Author Shiro Sagisu

This article is about the soundtrack album. You may be looking for the first part of Evangelion: Death and Rebirth.

Evangelion: Death is a soundtrack album released on June 11, 1997 [1] by the King Records label, Star Child, containing music from the first part of the first Evangelion film, Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. It reached a peak of rank 1 in the Oricon album database. Shiro Sagisu composed most of the music. The disc has several tuning tracks and string solos that are portrayed in the film as being played by the four primary Evangelion pilots. The disc includes as bonus tracks "False Regeneration" from the Rebith part of the film as well as Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem.

Track Listings

All music composed by Shirō Sagisu except where otherwise noted.

Evangelion Death
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Cello - Fourth Chord Tuning" (チェロ――第四弦 調弦 Chero - Daiyongen Chōgen)  0:25
2. "Suiten für Violoncello solo Nr. 1 G-Dur, BWV 1007 1. Vorspiel"  Johann Sebastian Bach 0:42
3. "Dvořák: Original Complete Version"  Antonín Dvořák 0:33
4. "Violin - Second Chord Tuning" (ヴァイオリン――第二弦 調弦 Vaiorin - Dainigen Chōgen)  0:22
5. "Partita III für Violine solo E-Dur, BWV 1006 3. Gavotte en Rondeau"  Johann Sebastian Bach 0:22
6. "Viola - Third Chord Tuning" (ヴィオラ――第三弦 調弦 Viora - Daisangen Chōgen)  1:08
7. "Substitute for Gentleness" (優しさの代理 Yasashisa no Daeri)  0:25
8. "Tears Toward Oneself" (吾への、涙 Warei no Namida)  2:05
9. "Tuning to Imperfection" (未了への、調律 Miryō he no, Chōritsu)  0:17
10. "Kanon D-Dur (Quartet)"  Johann Pachelbel 4:58
11. "The Sorrow of Losing the Object of One's Dependence II"    1:32
12. "Reliance Leading to Falsehood" (虚妄への、依存 Kyomō he no, Izon)  1:47
13. "A Fragile Ego Border" (脆弱な、自我境界 Zeijaku na, Jiga Kyōkai)  2:10
14. "Kanon D-dur (Strings Orchestra)"  Johann Pachelbel 5:06
15. "False Regeneration" (偽りの、再生 Itsuwari no, Saisei)  2:25
16. "Dies Irae [REQUIEM]"  Giuseppe Verdi 37:04
Total length: