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Shiro Tokita
Shiro Tokita
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Seiyū Yoshitada Otsuka
Voice Actor (English): Rob Bundy

Shiro Tokita is the executive of a private company who gives a demonstration of the ill-fated Jet Alone project seen in Episode 07. He believes that a nuclear-powered robot has a better chance in battle than robots that causes mental instability in its pilots. Unfortunately, Jet Alone's nuclear core overheats and Misato steps in to prevent a complete nuclear meltdown. The entire incident is strongly suggested to be sabotaged by NERV as a scene with Ritsuko and Gendo shows at the end of Episode 07.

After Episode 07, Shiro does not make another appearance in the series and it is unknown what fate befalls him.


  1. Tokita is sometimes referred to as "JA (Jet Alone) guy" due to the fact that is name his unknown to many fans.

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