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A feature was included with Evangelion 1.01 called Explanation of Evangelion 1.01, which was basically a version of the movie accompanied by subtitles pointing out tidbits like people's names and ranks, place names, the laboriously lengthy complete designations of machines and other technical doodads, and so forth. No such thing has so far been released for the following movie, even though, given the wealth of new elements introduced in 2.0, it would be far more useful to pedantic fans than Explanation 1.01. Therefore, a counterfeit version will be gradually compiled using the available resources.

Translations* & Notes: Reichu

* Unless otherwise noted.

"PENDING" entries are temporary placeholders. Please ignore them.

Thumbnail Title (Japanese) Title (Translated)
謎の少女[1] Mysterious Girl
エントリー特化型(旧型)プラグスーツ[2] Customized Entry Plug Suit (Old Type)[3]
エヴァ仮設5号機専用エントリープラグ[2] Eva Provisional Unit-05 Entry Plug Interior
秘密結社ゼーレ直轄第3の使徒厳重保管用秘密基地ベタニアベース[2] Secret Base Under Direct Control of Secret Society Seele for Secure Storage of Third Angel - Bethany Base
第3次辺獄結界壁(物理的使徒封印システム)[2] 3rd Limbo Sector Containment Bulkhead (Physical Angel Containment System)[3]
- Angel-Sealing Hex Pillars (Unknown Type)[4]
T-80UN主力戦車[2] T-80UN Main Battle Tanks[3]
ベタニアベース監視司令艦ウラル2世 使徒保管統一管理指揮所 第1発令所[2] Bethany Base Monitoring Command Ship Ural II - Angel Custody Integrated Administrative Center - 1st Command Center
司令、副司令、験検[5] Commander, Deputy Commander, and Chief of Staff
加持リョウジ首席監察官[6] Chief Inspector Ryoji Kaji
集電装置部(トロリーポール)[2] Current Collector Units (Trolley Poles)
封印監視特化型限定兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 局地仕様 仮設5号機


Specialized Seal-Guarding Limited Use Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelion, Local Specifications Model 05[7]


第5次辺獄最終結界圏外環状複線ステュクスシャフト[2] 5th Limbo Sector Containment Area - Styx Shaft Perimeter Loop[3]
第4次辺獄結界圏基幹単線ステュクスシャフト[2] 4th Limbo Sector Containment Area - Styx Shaft Central Concourse[3]


3rd Angel


第3使徒制御試験用疑似エントリープラグ[2]  Pseudo Entry Plug for 3rd Angel Control Test[9]
第3使徒人造エネルギー強制循環システム動力部[2] 3rd Angel Artificial Energy Forced Circulation System Power Unit[10]
対使徒専用殲滅兵器 簡易式ロンギヌスの槍(似非復元型)[2] Anti-Angel Extermination Weapon Spear of Longinus Basic Type (Pseudo-Restoration)
ベタニアベース 外観[2] Bethany Base - Exterior
使徒封印用呪詛柱(結界展開型)[2] Angel-Sealing Hex Pillars (Barrier-Deploying Type)
半暴走状態[5] Semi-Berserk State
ベタニアベース監視司令艦ウラル2世[2] Bethany Base Monitoring Command Ship Ural II[3]
A-40多目的水陸両用飛行艇(NERV仕犠) A40 Multipurpose Amphibious Flying Boat (Nerv Version)[3]
厳重保管用耐熱耐圧耐電磁耐爆耐核耐生物超硬質軽量特殊トランクケース[2] Heat-, Pressure-, EM-, Explosives-, Nuclear-, and Organism-Resistant Super-Durable Secure Storage Portable Trunk Case
エヴァ仮設5号機専用エントリープラグ[2] Eva Provisional Unit-05 Entry Plug
真希波・マリ・イラストリアス Mari Makinami Illustrious[11]
ユイの墓 Yui's grave
要人輸送用ネルフ司令官専用垂直離着陸機YAGR-N101[2] VIP Transport VTOL Aircraft YAGR-N101 (For Nerv Commanding Officer’s Use)
第7の使徒 7th Angel
NERV EU直属大重量貨物輸送機(エヴァンゲリオン空輸専用) U4002-01[2] U4002-01 Nerv EU Extreme Heavy Lift Cargo Aircraft (Dedicated Eva Aerial Transport)[3]
汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 正規実用型 2号機(先行量産機)[6][2]


Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Battle Weapon - Artificial Human Evangelion - Regular Use Model Eva-02 (First Mass Production Model)[7]


エヴァンゲリオン空中挺身専用S型装備設定決[2] Evangelion Custom Skydive Unit Type S Components[3]
エヴァンゲリオン専用超電磁洋弓銃 MM-144[2] MM-144 Evangelion Custom Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow[3]
Ger.: Überelectromagnetische Armbrust MM-144
汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 試作零号機(改)

Evangelion Proto Type-00′[2]

Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon - Artificial Human Evangelion - Prototype Eva-00 (Upgraded)
第2の少女 式波・アスカ・ラングレー大尉[6] The Second Girl, Captain Asuka Shikinami Langley
リツコのねこの置物[2] Ritsuko's cat figures
ネブカドネザルの鍵 厳重保管用耐熱耐圧耐電磁耐爆耐核耐生物超硬質軽量特殊トランクケース内部[2] Nebuchadnezzar's Key
Heat-, Pressure-, EM-, Explosives-, Nuclear-, and Organism-Resistant Super-Durable Secure Storage Portable Trunk Case - Interior
アスカのパペット[2] Asuka's puppet
集光ビル Mirror Buildings
NERV第7支部タブハベース(月面基地)[2] Nerv 7th Branch Tabgha Base (Moon Base)
月往還有人着陸船(地中資源探査型)[2] Manned Lunar Landing Shuttle (Geologic Survey Type)[3]
NERV船外活動ユニット NERV-EMU OMM7L TYPE[2] Type OMM7L Nerv Extravehicular Mobility Unit[3]
建造中のEVANGELION Mark.06[2] Under Construction Evangelion Mark.06
低重力作業用有人牽引船(NERV仕様)[2] Manned Low G Utility / Tractor Craft (Nerv Version)[3]
牽引される槍[2] Spear Being Towed
International Environmental Agency Japan
Marine Ecosystem Preservation Research Organization[3]
Marine Resources Conservation Research Institute
海洋資源保存研究施設内見学者用滅菌処理用水着[2] Decontamination Treatment Swimsuit for Facility Touring[3]
海洋資源保存研究施設内見学者用第3種滅菌服[2] Type 3 Sterile Dress for Facility Touring[3]
再使用型多段式有人宇宙往還機(UN仕様)[2] Manned Reusable Multistage Space Shuttle (UN Version)[3]
旧南極[2] Former Antarctica
セカンドインパクト Second Impact
アダムス[2] Adams[12]
4体の槍[5] Four Spears
14歳のミサト[5] 14-year-old Misato
光の翼[5] Wings of Light
脱出カプセル[5] Escape Capsule
第8の使徒 第1形態 バッキーボール 8th Angel - 1st Form: Buckyball
N2航空爆雷投射用機動式軌道衛星設定[2] Aerial N² Mine Launching Maneuverable Orbital Satellite[3]
PENDING (N2 bombing of 8th Angel) PENDING
NERV本部第3補給処中物自動倉庫システムとスタッカクレーン(プッシュプールタイプ)[2] Nerv HQ Logistics Center No. 3 – Midsized Packages Auto-Sort System[3] and Stacker Crane (Push-Pull Type)
エヴァンゲリオン専用リニア軌道線第1拠点駅[2] Evangelion Electric Motor Rail No.1 Terminus[3]
LM-133工ヴァンゲリオン輸送専用リニア軌道電動貨物車(通称工ヴァ電車)[2] LM-133 Linear Type Multi-Chassis Evangelion Electric Motor Rail Transport[3]
第8の使徒 第2形態 8th Angel - 2nd Form
第8の使徒 第3形態 8th Angel - 3rd Form
PENDING Multipurpose Adjustable Blast Shield Structure MABSS-600
PENDING Evangelion Custom High Jump Assisting Damper Equipped Springboard Structure
第8の使徒 本体 8th Angel - Main Body
エヴァンゲリオン専用近接戦闘用次世代型プログレッシブナイフ(2号機用) PKN-02.2C[2] PKN-02.2C Evangelion Custom Close Combat Next Gen Progressive Knife (Unit 02 Special)[3]
PENDING Simplified Artificial Core Adapted Entry Plug Synchronization Simulation Facility[3]
NERV本部第2大規模内部公関空地(東棟〉 Nerv HQ Large Atrium Open Space Lounge Area No.2 (East Wing)
謎の枷 (綾波レイ専用) Mysterious Shackle (Specialized for Rei Ayanami)
謎の地下施設(綾波レイ専用) Mysterious Underground Facility (Specialized for Rei Ayanami)
NERV本部上級士宮専用食堂 Nerv HQ Senior Officer’s Cafeteria
碇ユイ Yui Ikari
PENDING (melon patch) PENDING
ダミーシステム搭載型(特殊)エントリープラグ「特1号」[2] Dummy System-Loaded (Special) Entry Plug "Model 01"
ダミーシステム基幹制御部[2] Dummy System Core Control Module[3][13]
NERV本部自動販売機コーナ[2] Nerv HQ Vending Machines Area[3]
汎用ヒト型決戦兵器人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 次世代試験 4号機消失

Vanished Evangelion Next Gen Testbed-04[2]
Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon - Artificial Human Evangelion - Next Generation Test Model 04[7]
NERV司令官専用特別謁見室(疑似立体投影ク口マキ一合成方式)[2] Nerv Commander Exclusive Audience Room (Virtual 3D Chroma Key Composite Projection System)[3]
NERV USA直属軍用超大型垂直離着陸長距離輸送機(エヴァンゲリオン空輸専用) AnG-78LL-M-01[2] AnG-78LL-M-01 Nerv USA Oversized Military VTOL Cargo Transport (Dedicated Eva Aerial Transport)[3]
工ヴァンゲリオン専用眼光学系保護カバー[2] Evangelion Ocular Optics System Protective Cover
汎用ヒト型決戦兵器 人造人間エヴァンゲリオン 正規実用型 3号機

Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon - Artificial Human Evangelion - Regular Use Model 03[7]
エヴァ専用航空輸送専用T字型拘束台[2] Eva Aerial Transport T-Shaped Restraining Rack
エヴァ弐号機コアユニット分離[14] Eva Unit-02 Core Unit Separation
工ヴァンゲリオン専用コア引抜き器(据え付け型) [2] Evangelion Custom Core Extraction Device (Hangar Mounted Type)[3]
工ヴァンゲリオン拘束用超硬度遮蔽コンクリー卜製足枷 Evangelion-Restraining Super-Durable Shielding Concrete Shackles
エヴァンゲリオン封印格納地下式サイロ(IPEA管轄区域)[2] Underground Evangelion Containment Silo (IPEA Administrated Area)[3]
トウジと妹 Toji and his little sister
PENDING Nerv Official Business Coupe (Operations Division Section 1 Motor Pool Car)[3]
PENDING Entry Plug Transport Specific Large Specialized Adjustable Dolly Equipped Heavy Semi-Trailer Truck (Nerv Custom)[3]
オスプレイ[5] Osprey
Matsushiro Temporary Activation Test Site[3]
Temporary Aboveground Cage
地下退避所兼中央管制室(仮設)[2] Underground Evacuation Center and Central Control Room (Provisional)[3]
PENDING [ibid - interior] Ibid - Interior
Two Track Cable Mobile Quarantine Standby Chamber (For Test Subject Use)[3]
エヴァ有人起動実被験者各種検査テスト用プラグスーツ[2] Eva Manned Activation Experiment Test Subject Multipurpose Biosensor Equipped Plug Suit[3]
9th Angel
Corrosive Type[7]
PENDING (Angel-infected Eva-03) PENDING
- 9th Angel's Core

Ex-Eva-03 Entry Plug (Testbed)

PENDING (corrosion by 8th Angel) PENDING
Dummy System Core Control Module
Head Unit[3]
エヴァ3号機起動実験用エントリープラグ[2] Eva-03 Activation Experiment Entry Plug
Important Lifeform Containment Room[3]
Sealed Quarantine and Life Support Installation
エヴァ2号機専用エントリープラグ[2] Eva-02 Entry Plug
エントリープラグロックボルト兼搭乗用プラットフォーム[2] Entry Plug Locking Bolt and Pilot Boarding Platform[3]
汎用(新型)プラグスーツ(マリ専用)[2] Multipurpose (New Type) Plug Suit (Mari Custom Livery)[3]
汎用(新型)プラグスーツ(カヲル専用)[2] Multipurpose (New Type) Plug Suit (Kaworu Custom Livery)
国際連合軍多目的垂直離着陸無人対地攻攻撃機(近接航空支援用) YAGR-6D[2] U.N. Army Multipurpose Unmanned Ground-attack VTOL Aircraft (For Close Air Support) YAGR-6D
10th Angel
The Strongest Rejection Type[7]
エヴァンゲリオン専用ガンケース(リニア軌道電動貨物車型)[2] Evangelion Custom Gun Case (Electric Motor Rail Transport Type)[3]
工ヴァンゲリオン専用放電式携行兵器サンダースビアCB-012[2] CB-012 Evangelion Custom Electrical Discharge Portable Ordnance “Thunder Spear”[3]
エヴァンゲリオン専用6連装大型短針銃(通称 ペンシルロック)[2] Evangelion Custom Large Caliber Shortened 6 Shot Nail Gun “Pencil Roc”[3]
制御機[5][2] Restrictors[8]
工ヴァンゲリオン2号機獣化第2形態(第1種)[2] Evangelion Unit 02 Beast Form 2nd Phase (Type 1)[3]
大型N²弾頭搭載型大陸間弾道弾[2] Enlarged N² Warhead Equipped Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile[3]
捕食[6] Predation
エヴァ疑似シン化第1覚醒形態[2] Eva Pseudo-Evolution Initial Arousal Phase
零号機のコア[5] Core of Eva-00
[5][6] Door
エヴァ疑似シン化第2形態(通称 光の巨人)[2] Eva Pseudo-Evolution 2nd Phase (The Radiant Giant)[2]
Evangelion Mark.06 "

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