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Production sketches of each battle-damaged MP Eva (click for larger view)

In EoE, computer displays clearly list the Mass Production Evangelions as "Eva-05" through "Eva-13". However, their designations are not painted on their shoulders or arms, unlike the regular Evangelions. This might have been to avoid animating the designations each time (the other Evas did not have their designations drawn each time) and also to avoid continuity confusion.

However, production sketches do reveal the specific designations of each of the nine Mass Production Evas. In the order in which Eva-02 engaged them in combat:

  • Evangelion Unit-09 - Attacked by Asuka with a flying-jump "skullbuster" move which tore off its upper jaw and smashed its brain pan to pulp, after which Asuka held it over Eva-02 and broke it in two, spilling its blood all over Eva-02.
  • Evangelion Unit-11 - Pushed into the lake with Eva-02, then stabbed through the top of its head with Eva 02's Progressive Knife; the blade snapped off, impaled in its upper jaw and projecting into its mouth.
  • Evangelion Unit-07 - Right arm cut off by Eva-02's Prog Knife, after which its neck was snapped backwards: its head actually dangles behind it (touching its back) after this.
  • Evangelion Unit-06 - Dueled Eva-02 using Heavy Spears, until Eva-02 was able to land a direct hit between its left shoulder and neck, cleaving downwards to the center of Eva-06's torso.
  • Evangelion Unit-12 - Completely cut in half by Eva-02 via a Heavy Spear through the waist, its upper half sent spiraling through the air.
  • Evangelion Unit-08 - Left leg cut off at the knee by Eva-02 using a Heavy Spear, causing it to lose balance and fall on its back.
  • Evangelion Unit-10 - Tackles Eva-02, prompting Asuka to fire two volleys of missile-spikes through its head, using the spike-launcher in Eva-02's right shoulder pylon. The metal spikes remain impaled through Unit 10's devastated head throughout all of its subsequent appearances.
  • Evangelion Unit-05 - Pushed through a wall by Eva-02, resulting in damage to its neck, then thrown through the air into Eva-13; after which it was completely impaled by Eva-02's arm as it punched a hole clear through its torso.
  • Evangelion Unit-13 - Eva-02 threw Eva-05 into it, then as Eva-02's fist came out the other side of Eva-05 as it impaled it, Eva-02's fist punched into Eva-13's chest. Eva-02 squeezed its fist inside of Eva-13 as it writhed in pain. It looks like she is attempting to crush the core of the unit.


  • Several continuity errors in the animation of the Mass Production Evas in The End of Evangelion has led to some confusion: in several cuts, the MP Evas appear to have restored their severed limbs and regenerated their injuries. However, later cuts after these clearly show that they retain the damage sustained at the hands of Eva-02 through the end of the film (indeed, in a bit of morbid humor, one MP Eva whose head was impaled by spikes fired from Eva-02 retains the spikes impaled in its head through all subsequent appearances). This does raise the question of how the MP Eva that was completely cut in half through its waist was able to still move with the rest; it must be remembered that the MP Evas all have wings, and Asuka apparently didn't damage any of their wings, so even an MP Eva completely missing the lower half of its body could still fly around. Many of the shots we see after the battle with Eva-02 are just of MP Evas that were relatively lightly damaged, and the more severely damaged ones (specifically the one whose legs were completely cut off) just aren't focused on by the "camera" that much.
    • The MP Eva whose arm was cut off at mid-humerus level is seen again with the severed arm just barely holding on to the rest of the Eva. It is possible that the MP Evas can somehow "glue" their dismembered parts together using their A.T. Fields, which would also explain how the one cut in half at waist level could take part in the slaughter of Eva-02 and initiating Third Impact. This phenomenon could be akin to how Kou and Otsu fuse together into one Angel.
  • An animation continuity error occurs with Eva-09: when Asuka does her jump-attack against Eva-09, its upper jaw is clearly completely destroyed as Eva-02's hands push forward into its skull. However, when the MP Evas reactivate after Eva-02 is stabbed through the head, its brains are completely exposed (bits of pink brain matter are even falling out), but its upper jaw is still present, even though it should have been ripped off.