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Food Court

She put what in her hair??!!

A site famous for its doctored images hilariously parodying late 90's pop-culture … AND anime. A critical source of fan humor, especially for us NGE folks, with such marvels as “Who Killed Kaji?” and “There's Something About Misato”. Possible associations with other notorious names in the fandom are denied by the implicated parties. Clear such associations from your mind and just enjoy.

Well, you would need to get ahold of the images first… In what was a devastating tragedy for fans everywhere, the site vanished at one point, only to magically reappear out of the Dirac Sea later -- and then vanish yet again (circa Late Summer 2005)! At least THIS time, Reichu was able to save every last bit of goodiness from the site onto her HD. Here are the NGE (and Gunbuster, just because) ones — about 6 megs, so use GetRight, you bandwidth t'eif! HOWEVER, if'n you want the rest, you'll have to try your luck with the Wayback Machine.