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Your "interesting facts and figures" are hilarious. No, it isn't "one eyebrow", it's called a unibrow because both eyebrows actually meet in the middle. And I'm flattered to hear someone call me a good mod. --UrsusArctos 04:18, 9 February 2008 (PST)

I disagree that the F-22 would be able to defeat the Su-35 at BVR ranges that easily- there's no telling when radar would be able to give the F-22 away. And although the idea of an internal weapons bay and engine power is impressive, the Sukhoi has an edge there- and good old Russian gunlaying would still hurt. (Although your "news" part was a little, well...).

And thanks for all the proofreading!--UrsusArctos 17:13, 14 April 2008 (PDT)

Yeah, I realised that; I'm going to change it anyway. Thanks for your opinion though, glad to help! --Bee-Zerk 16:02, 15 April, 2008 (AEST)


Welcome; to get you started on how to use mediawiki, please read this one-stop tutorial which I wrote up: The NGE Fan-Geeks Project:Boot Camp for Newbies, which contains basically everything you'll need to know. Btw, a convention we use is that "Nerv" is always spelled "Nerv" lowercase, never with full-capitals. It was decided that that was just a translation mistake, i.e. sometimes even "Adam" and "Second Impact" are written all-caps. Check out the Notes section of the "Nerv" article where this is explained along with a screenshot demonstrating that within the series itself, they actually alternate between the two and do indeed spell "Nerv" lowercase at times. By extension, its also spelled "Seele" and "Gehirn", because those aren't acronyms either. Good luck, as as me if you need help. --V 11:39, 10 February 2008 (PST)

I see you've found the "Wanted Pages" thing. That doesn't mean "pages we want or have requested"; it more literally means "links have been created leading to articles with this title, but they don't actually exist". That is, a functional link to a real article, i.e. "Shinji Ikari" appears in blue. But a link created to the non-existant "Shinji Useless Whiny Geek Ikari" would appear as a red link; this shows the link is "broken" (doesn't lead anywhere). That said, just because someone created a link to a page doesn't mean it should exist. That is, back in the day "Ritsuko Akagi" didn't exist as an article. It appeared as a red link. So I wrote an article, then it was there. But "Shinji Useless Whiny Geek Ikari" should never exist in the first place, someone just made a link to a non-existent article, if you follow me. --->Do not use the "Special pages" lists as a guide for what should be worked on they really aren't a guage of anything. Check out what is being worked on in "recent changes" (usually the best way to see "what's going on") or just browse through existing articles and expand as you see fit. It's not so much a process of creating new articles totally from scratch as it is incrementally, gradually improvising upon existing stuff, in a snowball effect. --V 11:45, 10 February 2008 (PST)

Thanks for the info, but the Boot Camp doesn't explain everything, and there are some things I want fixed but I don't know how, and nobody else is bothering to try to fix it...Thanks anyway --Bee-Zerk 16:17, 11 February 2008 (AEST)

...what is it that you're trying to fix? (I just fixed the Manga template image display if thats what you meant). --V 07:12, 11 February 2008 (PST)
Yup, and thanks for that, but how did you remove it..? --Bee-Zerk, 17:14 12 February 2008 (AEST)
It was displaying wrong because the template box was written wrong; you don't really have to worry about templates they're a high-end function basically handled through lots of tinkering. The "sound only" image automatically displays when there's nothing in the "image" category. Etc. --V 12:50, 12 February 2008 (PST)

Yes, they're pretty complex but what I usually do is copy another page's template (manga template, for example) and paste it on the edited page. I then edit it so it would be relevant to the topic. So I won't have to do the template from "scratch". --Bee-Zerk 17:10 13 February 2008 (AEST)

You need to added categories to the images (and any new pages) that you create. The manga covers should go under Category:Images (Manga) --Ornette 06:26, 13 February 2008 (PST)

The Warship Pages

I removed the part about Russian and American carriers having different takeoff systems because the page is about the real carrier and not the one seen in NGE. "Warships of Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "Warships of the Pacific Fleet" are meant to be purely factual, so please keep all NGE information in the "Over the Rainbow" page, so no one gets confused. And thanks for the link and the spelling corrections! --UrsusArctos 05:55, 21 February 2008 (PST)

A little help

Do you mind going through the Berserk and Evangelion pages and seeing if there's anything that needs correcting? And how does the Berserk page look? I'm still working on the Evangelion page, please give me a heads-up in case I've missed something in the sections I've completed. Thank you!--UrsusArctos 04:22, 25 February 2008 (PST)

Well, I did express my opinions of the Berserk page, and I'm impressed. But any suggestive comments on the page is on the Talk page for Berserk. For Evangelion, in my opinion it's perfect. I'll try and see if there's anything else I could add. --Bee-Zerk 16:11, 26 February (AEST)

Other userpages

Do not change other userpages. --V 12:19, 28 February 2008 (PST)

Tiffany Grant

What V said about editing other userpages (It is incredibly annoying and shouldn't be done, even if it is a spelling correction. I'd have told you if I had the time.) ...and also, I had to get rid of the Tiffany Grant article. I'm sorry, but you need to pick your articles better. (In any case, the Article could be restored in future if it ever becomes necessary). Try to stick to the Japanese cast as far as possible, okay? --UrsusArctos 18:42, 28 February 2008 (PST)

Sorry...--Bee-Zerk 16:33, 29 February, 2008 (AEST)

Never mind, maybe I just sounded especially brusque at the time. Even I'd forgotten that English VA's weren't supposed to have their own articles, at least not for the time being. I don't blame you. If not anything else, the deleted edits could be restored if needed, like I said.--UrsusArctos 03:32, 29 February 2008 (PST)

Ah, it's okay. But for a moment I thought, "Gee, better not get the Ursus Arctos angry, he might come running to my house with claws ready to strike." Heh heh heh! --Bee-Zerk 10:52, 1 March, 2008 (AEST)

Unwanted edits

Hey, Bee-Zerk...I don't like reverting like V, but do you mind not making so many unnecessary edits? The last bunch wasn't very good, in my opinion. --UrsusArctos 19:42, 14 June 2008 (PDT)

ED: Thanks for correcting the All-Caps "NERV" in Aoba's article. I don't know how I missed that! --UrsusArctos 19:44, 14 June 2008 (PDT)

Yeah, sorry about that. Also, about the articles, I think it'll be a good idea to actually read the entire page carefully so editors can clearly identify mistakes. Because alot of errors aren't detected by my dictionary/spell check etc and some proof-reading really helps. Oh, and by the way, on some pages I thought I might re-word some of the sentences but apparently it was unnecessary. --Bee-Zerk 04:47, 15 June 2008 (PDT)

Could you put something into the "Summary" box when you edit? Makes History pages a lot easy to navigate. --Reichu 07:19, 15 June 2008 (PDT)

What if the edit is only minor? Like a spelling mistake of some sort? --Bee-Zerk 22:49, 15 June 2008 (PDT)

Correcting spelling mistakes is not a problem at all. --UrsusArctos 08:40, 16 June 2008 (PDT)