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Bee-Zerk/BEsERK EVA01
Name Bee-Zerk/BEsERK EVA01
Real Name
Date of birth February 11
Homeland Victoria, Australia
Role Aviation Geek
Lot in life Student
Favorite Episode 19
Favorite Character Shinji
Favorite Relationship N/A
Favorite Angel Zeruel
Favorite Evangelion Evangelion Unit-01 (Yui-sama rules all!)

A Little About Me

I am 13 years of age. I live in the city Down Under. There are several more personal information that some users do know but I trust they do not enclose them to anyone else. I am still in high school, studying in Year 8. Technically, I'm NOT a dim-witted student; I only put it there because I felt like it. And now it's been changed. My life is terrible. Atrocious. It's improving but I still hate my current life. I have even gone so far that I have threatened to suicide. But I don't hurt myself. I'm not the type. \

USAF Lockheed Martin F-22A vs Russian Sukhoi Su-35BM

Alright, for all you Internet Youtube Geeks arguing about the debate on the F-22 and Su-35BM, I have come to a conclusion and, unfortunately, even though I am a fan of Russian aviation, America has the upper hand in air combat.

The Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor WILL AND HAS the ability to destroy any Sukhoi plane in BVR, however, VR is still being argued upon.

Advantages for the F-22A:

  • The F-22A has stealth characteristics, now I don't give a rat's ass on what you people think of stealth, but all I care about is that this plane will blow your old granny off to Uranus without her even detecting it.
  • Stealth is incredibly useful; sure, the F-117 may have been shot down by a SAM battery, but that's only for one loss out of thousands of successful bombing raids from the B-2A, B-1B and the F-117A.
  • The F-22A has TVC nozzles, and these will be incredibly useful for dogfighting situations; not only does TVC give a significant boost in performance, but it also decreases the chance of stalling and, it may increase AOA significantly without stalling. The Su-35BM has TVC nozzles, which are 3D instead of the F-22A's 2D TVC nozzles, but combine that with stealth, and you've got one bloody bird in the air.
  • Supercruise. Now, unofficial reports may state that the Su-35BM may supercruise, but it is unconfirmed. Supercruise may give the fighter its tremendous boost in performance, because it can travel supersonically without the use of afterburner. This saves fuel and increases range.
  • Avionics, now the Su-35BM may have state-of-the-art avionics, but the F-22A Raptor has the edge because of its 120 degree RADAR field of view and advanced 360 degree HUD view. This gives it the edge that it can also detect targets sideways. However the, Sukhoi competitor has a backwards RADAR, and a formidable RADAR, making both planes similarly edged in RADAR capability.
  • Internal Weapons Carriage. The F-22A has an internal weapons bay for internal carriage for a variety of smart bombs and missiles. This will not only decrease drag and increase performance, it also make it more agile, using the TVC nozzles to good use. The Su-35BM, however, has not internal bay, at the cost of having more fuel and combat persistence. While the USAF fighter may carry only a maximum of 8 missiles, the Sukhoi fighter can carry up to 12, 14 in extreme circumstances.



To be continued...

THE Interest Of Mine

If you've been here long enough, you would've noticed this nerdy geek who always searches for the best time to educate youngsters on Aviation/Technology Warfare. You could say I'm the opposite of BobBQ, who's interest is in guns. Anyway, as you know, I adore the Royal Australian Air Force and I wish to join the Air Force when I'm older. Aviation Warfare is an extremely burning passion of mine, so burning that if you visited my house, almost every inch of my bedroom would be covered in posters and scale models of warplanes, various warfare weapons (SS-12 Surface-to-Air Missile Battery, to name one) and vehicles. As you've noticed, the Royal Australian Air Force is my personal favourite, however, the Russian PVO Air Defence Forces would have to be my second-in-command. I am also interested in, but to a lesser extent, Military Technologies.

Play Fun Ranks

  • Reichu: General, commander, United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.
  • Ornette: Lieutenant General, commander, Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT), Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensors Project Office (JLENS).
  • Mr Tines: Lieutenant General, commander, British Special Air Service, 22 SAS Regiment, "A" Squadron.
  • UrsusArctos: Major General, commander, Russian Air Force, 37th Air Army, Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear Bombers.
  • Sailor Star Dust: Major General, commander, Fifth Air Force, 35th Fighter Wing, Misawa Air Base, Japan (F-16 CJ/DJ).
  • Hexon .Arq: Rear Admiral, commander, U.S Navy, Naval Special Warfare Command, U.S Special Operations Command, U.S Navy SEALS, All Teams.

And last, but not least, Second (2nd) Lieutenant Sachi_13, commander, Butterbars, Nuggets, 2nd Luey, 2nd Platoon.

And least: My neighbours cat: Lieutenant General, commander, U.S Army, Feline Special Tactical Assault Group, in charge of sea, air or land feline attacks using all methods of feline defence, attack and suppression of enemy air defences.

The History Of Mine with Evangelion

Because I only just found this dedicated website to Evangelion, anyone can easily find out that I discovered the anime series of Evangelion relatively later than most. March, 2004, in fact. It all started when I saw my sister watching some anime with this giant humanoid robot yelling its head off and then crawling like a ape and devouring some tasty, raw flesh. It was then I started to take an interest in Evangelion. Later, I found out that Evangelion meant more than I had thought it would be. Complicated storylines and confusing characters confronted the then 10 year old student. It was then I started to go into Evangelion alot more; I learnt of Hideaki Anno and a more in-depth study of the Evangelion storyline. Eventually, I thought that I had reached the limits of the Evangelion plot. However, it was not until the spring of 2007 that I discovered a site called "". An incredibly awesome and dedicated site, I spent my first few months there going even more in-depth and discovering much more complex answers ans questions. The first "proper" productive thread I authoured was "Why Did Asuka Reincarnate on That Beach". Ever since, I've been taking more of an interest into Evangelion so that it was on a par with my aviation passion. Unfortunately, this youngster suffered losses during the 2007 period. Due to my reckless spamming, I had been banned for 1 week by Mr Tines. Slightly shocked, but not extremely surprised due to my constant spamming. Further warnings by Ornette have actually persuaded me to act more mature and calmly. Nowadays, my maturity has improved, and I rarely, if ever, spam, excepting a few occasions where I cannot control myself, but have been told it was fine.

I'm currently going steady with Evangelion, so that my education of Aviation and Evangelion are equaled. It will be some time before I leave this place, however, for the foreseeable future, this site will remain a place where I truly adore and relish.


A list of my most prominent interests: (favoured from 1 to 8)

  • Aviation
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Aviation Drawing
  • Electricity
  • English (Essays, Debating etc)
  • General Art

    • Email
  • Windows Live MSN/Hotmail:

Interesting Facts and Figures During My Stay Here

1. I officially discovered Reichu was a woman, not a man on December, 2007.

2. UrsusArctos got promoted to Moderator, and a great one for the job.

3. Reichu is officially now my Master/Mentor/General Of The Air Force, and I must obey her, otherwise, I suffer at the hands of Yui-sama.


5. I discovered that Mr Tines wasn't his real name.

6. Sailor Star Dust has been promoted to Moderator of the Fandom and Promotional Area.

7. The OT and Discussion Forums were, in fact, my most common posting areas, until, there was nothing to discuss, so I'm staying in the Wiki Forum.

8. UrsusArctos was a teenager of 19 with a unibrow, not one with a beard and mustache.

9. I discovered that Tiffany Grant was an old woman, not a sexy, hot chick.

10. I discovered that most of the seiyuu in Evangelion were not hot, sexy chicks.

11. I discovered that Ornette wasn't his real name.

12. I made 3 separate threads in the OT Forum on sex, orgasms etc.