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Eva2-22 C0981 eye.jpg
Name Deepak
Real Name Deepak
Date of birth Choitro 28th
Homeland USA
Role Editor
Lot in life Student
Favorite Episode Episode 26
Favorite Character Asuka
Favorite Relationship Shinji/Asuka
Favorite Angel Lilin
Favorite Evangelion Mark.06

Things I like about Eva:

Psychology, Religion, Asuka and Shinji's relationship, all the random fanfics people write, how people argue over minor details and extrapolate so much, Halos on evas, the new animation quality on the Rebuild movies, Eva 2.0's music, Shinji's pitiful attempts of being a badass.

Things I do not like about Eva:

Anno taking forever for the movies, not knowing what Kaworu's true intentions were, Rei not punching Gendo in the face, Nerv not giving a damn about the pilots, how the world is not always super mad at Tokyo 3 for taking all their money, how the angels were so easy to beat.

Why am I here:

Word on the street is the cash cow is still pumping out milk (aka more movies) A wave of people will come here after the next movie comes out to figure out what the hell happened. Might as well have a semi-decent wiki ready for them.