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The Spear of Cassius (カシウスの槍, Kashiusu no Yari) is a Spear of Longinus-like weapon first appearing at the end of Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. It possesses a double-helical shaft and a defined spearhead implanted with a green "gem."

The Spear is first seen in Eva 2.0, in a shroud at the lunar Tabgha Base. During Near Third Impact, it is used by Evangelion Mark.06 to terminate the event and Eva-01's evolution into an Radiant Giant. Its history after this is vague, however.

It exhibits similar powers to the Spear of Longinus in its ability to neutralize god-like entities. However, it is also implied to have properties unique from the Spear of Longinus, at least when the two Spears are used in concert.

The Spear is colored red in Evangelion 2.0/2.22 and promotional materials for the film. However, in a promotional illustration for Evangelion 3.0, along with an Eva-06 action figure, it is colored black or dark gray instead.[Source needed] The reason for this discrepancy is currently unknown.

Images of the Spear
Illustration showing "business end" of Mark.06's Spear.[1]
The other end of Mark.06's spear. Note the prominent three turns at the top.
Illustration of Mark.06 with the spear from the Eva Store website, also shows the three turns at the top.
Illustration showing Asuka with an undersized version of the spear from the June 2011 cover of Newtype.
Illustration showing Kaworu with an undersized version of the spear from the 2012 Movic calendar.


The name was first revealed in the PS3 port of the pachinko game CR Neon Genesis Evangelion 7: The Pulse of Life.[2]

"Cassius" appears to derive from "Gaius Cassius Longinus," a name for the soldier who pierced Jesus' side that was established by the Greek patriarch Germanus in 715 AD.[3]


  1. This illustration shows the Spear's front end much more clearly than does Eva 2.0 at any point, although it should be noted that, in the actual movie, the Spear pierces Eva-01 from behind, and the Eva's chest armor and lower left arm are missing.
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