Megumi Ogata

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Megumi Ogata
Megumi Ogata
Characters voiced Shinji Ikari
Birthday 06-06-1965

A selection of other roles played by Megumi Ogata

Cardcaptor Sakura as Yukito Tsukishiro

Full Moon wo Sagashite as Izumi Rio

Kodomo no Omocha OVA as Akito Hayama

Magic Knight Rayearth as Princess Emeraude

Magic Night Rayearth 2nd season as Eagle Vision

Sailor Moon R as Vampil and Petz

Sailor Moon R Movie as young Mamoru

Sailor Moon S, Super S, & Sailor Stars as Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus

Yu Yu Hakusho as Kurama

And many others...


  • Began career as a musical actress, but after dissolution of her media troupe applied for training at a voice actor school.
  • Became a seiyuu after she was accepted a role -- on the spot -- at an audition for Yu Yu Hakusho voice actors.
  • Later married a man 13 years her junior.
  • Ogata now spends most of her career singing than voice acting. Her singing name is Em Ou (M.O, her initials) to separate herself from her seiyuu career.
  • Ironic since she's Shinji's seiyuu, Ogata fell into a month-long Depression in March 2009.
  • Ogata was praised by Anno for the first time during the final day of voicework recording for Evangelion 2.0.