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Nerv Logo as it was displayed through the TV series
Revised NERV logo with modified 'V' for New Theatrical Version
New NERV logo for Evangelion New Theatrical Edition
New NERV logo for Evangelion 3.0

The Nerv Logo is the icon representing Nerv throughout Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Logo itself displays a fig leaf adjacent to to word NERV. Underneath the leaf are the words "God's in His heaven, all's right with the world.", a quote from the poem Pippa Passes by Robert Browning. The words symbolise humanity's breaking away from God as Seele caused Second Impact and Nerv and Seele prepare to carry out the Human Instrumentality Project.

New Theatrical Version Revisions

For the New Theatrical Version continuity, the original emblem was modified with an altered 'V' and a different fig leaf shape, and is sometimes placed over an inverted apple (a symbol of the Fruit of Knowledge).

A secondary emblem included a modified layout, with the inverted apple and the fig leaf in a silhouette, "Nerv" to the left and the Browning quote to the right and formed in a block. Introduced in the third movie a new Nerv logo featuring a "pixelated" fig leaf and glyphs.