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Nerv 3rd Branch or Nerv-03 (also known simply as "Nerv-Germany") is located in Germany (possibly in Berlin or Hamburg). It is where Evangelion Unit-02 was constructed. Asuka Langley Soryu apparently trained at Nerv-03 with Eva-02 for some time. Misato Katsuragi worked at Nerv-03 as well when she joined Gehirn in 2010 (soon before Gehirn was reorganized into Nerv later that year), and appears to have been Asuka's handler there for some time. Later, Ryoji Kaji would be Asuka's handler at Nerv-03. Asuka, Kaji, and Eva-02 were transported from Nerv-03 to Nerv's main headquarters in Japan via a large United Nations naval convoy with the entire Pacific fleet as escort.

The third branch base has a more prominent presence in the series than the other branches, largely because of Asuka's past there. When the Angel Shamshel was killed with its corpse left relatively intact, the remains of its core were sent to Nerv-03 for research into reverse-engineering an artificial S² Engine for use in the Evangelions. Even after Nerv-02 disappeared, the experimental data on the S² Engine survived and was transfered to Nerv-03 for continued research into the project.

Nerv-03 is probably located in either Berlin or Hamburg, because "Magi 03" is located in Berlin and "Magi 05" is in Hamburg. If Nerv-03 is located in one of these cities, a Nerv base of some form is probably located in the other. "Nerv-03" is often just called "Nerv-Germany" however, so its not clear if there is a second full "branch base" in Germany. The Shinji Ikari Raising Project video game seems to imply Nerv-03 is in Berlin because that's where it says Asuka is arriving from (although Asuka and Eva-02 leave for Japan via Wilhelmshaven according to the Episode 07 Next Time Preview).

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