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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C149.jpg

Shinji in front, Pen², and the giant refrigerator. Pen² reaches for the switch with his left hand.

Misato (OFF):“He's a new species, the hot spring penguin.”

Reichu: Pen² really is a new species — there's nothing in the real-world Aves quite like him. However, the greatest inspiration seems to come from the crested Eudyptes (macaroni, rockhopper, etc.) penguins. I guess that would make Pen² the first member of Eudyptoides sadamotoi? ;;>

The odd thing is, if Pen² is a "hot springs" (onsen) penguin, why does he live in a fridge? I've never quite been able to figure that out.

Sharp-kun: You have to wonder how Pen² came about…

Reichu: Speaking of which, is there an "official" story behind Pen² and how he came to live with Misato?

HeWhoPostsStuff: It's not exactly "official", but Misato provides some backstory in volume 2 of the manga:

Misato: You see, Pen-Pen was being used in an experiment where I used to work. They were through with him. I got him just as they were about to put him to sleep. Do you know why I took him in… such a useless, greedy bird? I felt sorry for him. There was that, but… well, I…

I've always lived alone… I thought it might be nice to have someone who'd be there, waiting for me when I came home late at night, tired from work…

I thought it might be nice to have a family.