FGC:Episode 01 Cut 133

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 133

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Misato's car enters the car train from the station.

The doors close behind it, and the mark of Nerv appears.

Woman (Voice Recording):“The gates are now closing. Please stand clear.”

Shinji (OFF):“The special agency Nerv?”

Woman (Voice Recording):“We are now departing.”

Misato (OFF):“Right. It's a private organization under the direct supervision of the UN.”

Woman (Voice Recording):“This train is…”

Dr. Nick: “It's Nerv or nothing!”

Reichu: I was so upset when I saw ReDeath* for the first time. Up until then, I thought I had been so clever to come up with this joke on my own. Oh well — I suppose anyone who deludes herself that she is the first to think of something deserves to get cut down later.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Well, to make that joke work, they have to pronounce "Nerv" incorrectly, which wouldn't bother me if more Eva fans actually knew how to pronounce it the right way, along with the multitude of other oft-mispronounced things in the show.

Reichu: Well, not necessarily. You could theoretically pronounce Nerv correctly and people would still get the joke (assuming they have the required familiarity with both Nerf's advertisements and NGE). Although, yeah, they mispronounce it as “nurf” in ReDeath — which is, actually, slightly better than ADV's take (“nurv”), which has effectively disillusioned NGE fans everywhere. And then there's the Japanese seiyuu, who technically do better than both of them by pronouncing it NERUFU (literally, the closest one can get to capturing the German pronunciation with Japanese syllables). But since you (the reader) are probably not Japanese, do yourself a favor and pronounce the bloody thing correctly; “nairf” is a decent phonetic approximation.