Volume 14 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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Volume 14
Shin Seiki Evangelion
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Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
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"Volume 13"

Volume 14 is the fourteenth and final edition of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is comprised of 5 stages and an epilogue chapter.


Stage 91: To Where the Light Returns

Shinji is convinced, through memories and hallucinations, that Instrumentality will save everyone he cares about from suffering any further and thus wishes Third Impact into existence. Everyone, including Asuka, is turned into LCL by Lilith.

Stage 92: Birthday

As Instrumentality continues, Gendo lies dying. Yue's soul comes to him and helps him to remember the love he once felt for Shinji. Gendo wishes for his son to live on, redeeming himself before passing away.

Stage 93: Sea of Life

In the Sea of LCL, Shinji, with help from Rei, comes to his sense and realizes that Instrumentality is not what he wants after all.

Stage 94: Palms

Shinji makes the choice to reverse Instrumentality, killing Lilith and setting all souls free.

Stage 95: Thank you ∞ Goodbye

Shinji bids farewell to the soul of his mother before reverting to LCL, waiting for the time to be reborn.

Final Stage: Setting Off

An epilogue shows humanity having returned from the Sea of LCL, many years later. They have no memory of Evangelion, the Angels, Third Impact or anything related to them. Shinji and Kensuke are headed to school, and Shinji meets Asuka for the first time, although they both feel they know each other from somewhere. Shinji's interior monologue is optimistic as he walks forward to the future.

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