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In Evangelion 3.0 after 14 years Nerv headquarters has undergone extensive changes. New Nerv Headquarters itself now sits perched thousands of meters above the old Geofront, in the midst of a post-Third Impact wasteland. The ruins of the old Headquarters sit entombed at the bottom of a massive inverted concrete pyramid containing the New HQ. The logo of Nerv itself has also been changed into one featuring glyphs.

New Nerv Headquarters
The massive inverted Pyramid containing New Nerv HQ
The pyramid from above.
Old Headquarters, at the bottom of the pit of the larger pyramid.
A damaged wall with the old Nerv Logo
A metal grill with the new Nerv Logo
The old train hub, blocked with solidified Bakelite.

The New Headquarters contains many of the old Nerv facilities, though most lie in ruins. The entire complex appears to be completely automated, with only Gendo, Fuyutsuki, Rei, Kaworu, and now Shinji the only living people shown within. Both the inside and outside of the facilities are pocked with craters, seemingly from a battle of some kind. Parts of the facility are also filled with frozen Bakelite. The damage alludes to events similar to those seen in a separate continuity -- specifically during the JSSDF attack in The End of Evangelion -- but the exact causes are currently unknown.

Location above the old Geofront

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Old Eva Cages

Ruined and exposed Eva Cages

The old Eva cages are now completely exposed to the sky, and coated in red dust. Kaworu has set up his piano in a cleaned off area with a few plants growing nearby.

Old Command Center

Lilith's head within the old command center.

The old Command center is show in complete ruins. Lilith's severed head, now in the shape of Rei's lies within, surrounded by a multitude of frozen, grasping Failures of Infinity.

Shinji's room

Shinji's room

Shinji is quartered in a bare room containing only a bed. He receives food and fresh clothes via an automated dispenser system.

Rei's LCL Facility

Rei's LCL facility

One facility which appears largely unchanged is Rei's LCL facility, containing her LCL tank.

Eva-13's Pod

Eva-13's "birthing" pod, inside an even more enormous chamber.

Eva-13 is constructed, or possibly grown, inside a pod similar to the main engine to the AAA Wunder, which is situated inside a colossal chamber.

Gendo's old Office

Gendo's old office, miraculously partially intact.

Parts of Gendo's old office have miraculously survived Zeruel's attack, and are now exposed to the air. Gendo and Fuyutsuki still hold meetings inside.

Lilith's Chamber

Lilith's Chamber, completely unrecognizable.

At the bottommost level of Central Dogma lies Lilith's chamber, which as well as Lilith herself, has been altered greatly by the events of Third Impact : the chamber was sealed 14 years ago and now house the half rotten and decapitated corpse of Lilith as well as the remains of the Evangelion Mark.06 fused at her neck stump, the 12th Angel, sealed inside said Eva, and two spears of Longinus impaling both Lilith and the Eva. The floor is also now littered by thousands of giant skulls, and Failures of Infinity are seen frozen along the walls of the chamber they were trying to climb.

Seele Monolith Chamber

Gendo floating amidst the Seele Monoliths.
Gendo floating in the Seele Chamber

The largely silent Seele monoliths float high in the air inside a chamber somewhere in the New HQ. The chamber also contains machinery which Fuyutsuki later uses to disable the monoliths, as well as an anti-gravity device which Gendo later uses to float up to speak with the monoliths.

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