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Things this page needs:

  • explanation of purpose: this page is strictly for fun, and does not attempt to be a list references, even though it will eventually contain some poses that are more or less confirmed homages to Eva
  • disclaimer: Gendo didn't invent the pose, the name of the page is merely a convenient shorthand
  • "Ambassador" needs to redirect here
  • we should also have a small gallery detailing Gendo's different styles of performing the pose (different finger configurations, mostly)

Excel Saga (へっぽこ実験アニメーション エクセル・サーガ)

Excel Saga, a 26 episode spoof anime that first aired in October of 1999, features a Gendo Pose in the beginning of episode 15.

(Producer) Kitayama of the Excel Saga Staff in a Gendo Pose
Rikdo Koshi responds with a Gendo Pose of his own