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Dr. Nick
Tontsa vuokatti.jpg
Name Dr. Nick
Real Name Niko Astikainen
Date of birth 1984
Homeland Finland
Lot in life student of translation sciences
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My special projects (References)

  • Andromeda Strain screenshots and dialogue comparisons
  • 2001 screenshots (it's a start, at least)
  • Otaku no Video screenshots
  • Macross screenshots and dialogue comparisons (PROTOCULTUREEE!)
  • Gunbuster screenshots and other comparisons
  • The Wahha Man rumor
  • Zone of the Enders: Dolores i
  • Other anime appearances of Sepirothic System
  • Unlimited Gendo Works collection of Gendo Poses

Not Just A Gainax Thing: Ideon spam homage in Sunrise's GaoGaiGar FINAL