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Things this page needs:

  • explanation of purpose: this page is strictly for fun, and does not attempt to be a list references, even though it will eventually contain some poses that are more or less confirmed homages to Eva
  • disclaimer: Gendo didn't invent the pose, the name of the page is merely a convenient shorthand
  • "Ambassador" needs to redirect here
  • we should also have a small gallery detailing Gendo's different styles of performing the pose (different finger configurations, mostly)

Cosplay Complex (こすぷれCOMPLEX)

During the beginning of episode 1, Gourou, the president of the cosplay club can be seen doing a Gendo pose while video conferencing.

CosplayComplex ep1 gendo pose.jpg

Excel Saga (へっぽこ実験アニメーション エクセル・サーガ)

Excel Saga, a 26 episode spoof anime that first aired in October of 1999, features a Gendo Pose in the beginning of episode 15.

(Producer) Kitayama of the Excel Saga Staff in a Gendo Pose
Rikdo Koshi responds with a Gendo Pose of his own

Miami Guns (マイアミ☆ガンズ)

In the opening animation of Miami Guns, there is a quick shot of Yao's father behind his desk wearing white gloves in a Gendo Pose.

Miami guns op.jpg

Also, in episode 7, Yao's father repeats the pose

Yao's Father in episode 7