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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

KAWORU:“Maybe I was born, so that I would meet you.”
dzzthink: I think this line (and possibly every other line said by Kaworu) expresses his love for Shinji. Japanese is quite an indirect language, and as Natsume Soseki once said, "I love you" can simply be rephrased to “The moon is beautiful, isn't it?”

UrsusArctos: Natsume Soseki created that phrase - "Tsuki wa kirei desu ne?" because he felt that the literal "Kimi wo aisu yo" was too blunt, direct and rude as a translation, and his poetic turn of phrase works as a pun between tsuki and suki, among other things. Whether one is talking about the beauty of the literal moon or is expressing love poetically depends entirely on the context, and while it is entirely possible that this is Kaworu's way of saying "I love you" (romantically), it could have other meanings. Our bishie Angel is a rather mysterious character in the finished Evangelion, much less so in the drafts.