FGC:Episode 08 Cut 056

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

08 C056a.jpg

08 C056b.jpg


Misato snaps shut her file case.

MISATO:“I understand.”

SE <<Snap>>

08 C056c.jpg

08 C056d.jpg

Shinji is astonished, Toji is enchanted, and Asuka is as she normally is.

MISATO:“However, do not forget that we, NERV, possess overriding authority in the case of an emergency situation.”

TOJI:“(Quietly) She's sooo cool.”

SHINJI:“(Quietly) It's as if she was Ritsuko-san...”

08 C056e.jpg

08 C056g.jpg

KAJI (OFF):“As gallant as ever.”

At the sound of Kaji's voice, Asuka turns to the right side of the screen and cries out happily.

ASUKA:“Kaji-senpai! ♡”

08 C056h.jpg

Misato turns in the direction of the voice with a sense of foreboding.

MAN:“Maintain course. Steady ahead.”