FGC:Episode 07 Cut 227

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

07 C227a.jpg

Hyuga, in the co-pilot's seat, with Misato and Shinji in the foreground.


MISATO (BACK):“Withdraw immediately once you've released the Eva.
Ascend until you reach a safe altitude.”

UrsusArctos: Yet another instance of "the main characters do everything". Hyuga being qualified to sit in the pilot's seat is a bit of a stretch - they could've gotten a nameless pilot to follow Misato's orders just as well.

imprimatur13: Obviously, what happened is, they put out a notice on the NERV PA system: "We need someone to pilot the helicopter to pick up Captain Katsuragi. Any-"

Hyuga: "I'll do it."

Maya: "But you don't know how to fly a helicopter!"

Hyuga: "Maya, there comes a time in every man's life when he must do the impossible, disregarding all thoughts of personal safety. That time, is now."

singing quietly to himself: "Do the impossible, see the invisible; Row Row, fight the power..."

ath: To be fair, the scripts says he's sitting in the co-pilot's seat. Note that he's actually sitting in the left seat, which in reality is the captain's seat in virtually every fixed-wing aircraft. Right-hand-drive confusion on part of the storyboarder, I guess...

07 C227b.jpg

Misato turns her face back towards Shinji.

MISATO:“(Looking towards Shinji) Shinji-kun.”