Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

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Rebuild of Evangelion
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Evangelion 2.0 is the working title for the second film in the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It will premiere in Japan in 2008. Specific plot details are unknown at this time.

Trailer with Rebuild 1.0

A trailer for the second Rebuild film appeared after the credits of the first Rebuild film. We are told to expect Eva-04, Evangelion Unit-03 (Bardiel) is briefly seen, a close-up of Asuka Langley Soryu is briefly shown, as well as Evangelion Unit-02 being air-dropped into battle (perhaps against Israfel like in the original series). Shots are shown of what could either be Eva-04 exploding or a flashback to Second Impact. Then several cryptic shots are shown of multiple vaguely humanoid glowing white figures and the text "ADAMS" is flashed on the screen (all text is flashed in Latin letters), followed by "Lilin+?". Brief shots are also shown of a "Provisional Eva-05" (not a Mass Production Eva), and the one-eyed Eva-06. It is said that Eva-06 and its pilot (presumably Kaworu, seen wearing a plug suit) will descend from the Moon. Finally, a new character is seen from behind, while looking at multiple giant glowing pink crucifixes: another shot from the front reveals the new character's face from the eyes-up, revealing her to be a brown haired girl wearing glasses (dubbed "Glasses Girl" by fans because her proper name has yet to be revealed; she may be a new pilot). The trailer ends with Misato promising (just as in the early episodes of the original series), "...and of course...more fanservice!".

  • An animation error: when Misato and Shinji are in the elevator, right before it opens and they meet Ritsuko for the first time, the instructions printed next to the level display clearly say "Emargency" instead of "Emergency".