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This is the translated script from the Japanese DVD/BD release of Evangelion 1.11.

cut notes dialogue translation
スタジオカラ一第一回作品 Studio khara's First Production
ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:序 Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Prelude
C-0001B Red waves hitting the coast. (Sound effects) The sound of waves.
C-0002 Military tanks neatly lined up. (Sound effects) The sound of waves. The voices of cicadas.
C-0003 The gun barrels of the military tanks pointed at the red sea.
C-0004 The gun barrels of the tanks face the horizon. Suddenly, a rising waterspout (the Angel). A sea bird takes flight. (Sound effects) The same sea bird's cry.
C-0005 Electric trains stuck in the ground. (Sound effects) (Off) Waves and cicadas. (Sound effects) (Off) The sound of sirens throughout the trenches.