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Details of the Tactical Control Room

The massive Command Center is the heart of of Nerv Headquarters. The Command Center is a gigantic room with multiple tiered levels, dominated by a massive holographic display system and a video screen covering an entire wall. The Magi supercomputers are located within the Command Center on one of the lower levels. Battles against the Angels using the Evangelions are coordinated from the Command Center. It is located in the Central Dogma region of Nerv HQ.


The Command Center is the location of both the deaths of Rei I and Naoko Akagi. It was also the center of part of the battle against he Fourteenth Angel, Zeruel.


  • There is a backup Command Center, identical to the first, located several levels down within the base. It is, of course, just a re-use of the animation designs for the original Command Center It logically makes sense that they would have the same layout.