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Name Zeak
Real Name Darren
Date of birth 1988
Homeland The Great Southern Land known as Australia
Role Director of Re-Take
Lot in life Defending Australia
Favorite Episode Episode 22 and EoE
Favorite Character Asuka Langley Soryu
Favorite Relationship Asuka and Shinji
Favorite Angel Re-Take Tabris
Favorite Evangelion Evangelion Unit-01

How I came to be an Evangelion Fan

Starting off I’m not an anime fan There have really only been 2 anime series I have Enjoyed in these modern times. Samurai Champloo and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have tried watching many others i.e. gundam, Ghost in a Shell and so on. I grew up watching Pokemon and Dragon ball Z and never really liked DBZ not my type of show and pokemon I grew out of although I still have all the cards from my child hood, although I cant Stand It now. Anyway my first contact with Evangelion happened back in 2002 on SBS. I saw a few episodes of Eva but never really understood what was going on. I guess it was a that part of the show where the Sh1t hit the fan and I was probably too young.

Anyway the years went on and I eventually Signed up to the Transport Tycoon Forms and became a regular poster there creating mods for Locomotion and had my second run in with Eva (that I noticed). Someone had posted a picture of Asuka with a link to some webpage where I found some Interesting stuff. Me being me started clicking around and Discovered a few little games Such as Dress up Asuka (Ill get back to this later). Well I had just finished watching Samurai Champloo at this time and really enjoyed the series. I wanted to try another anime as I didn’t like most but was still looking for one I would like and after clicking around Stumbled across a review on Evangelion. This was August 2007. After reading this review I proceeded to the local video store where they had the first 6 episodes of Evangelion on DVD and the rest on video. I rented the First episodes and fell in love with the story from the word go.

With the VCR F**KED I had no choice but to order Eva and that I did. And Finally got the platinum edition, which I watched in 2 days. The day after I went to work and didn’t speak to anybody (that’s not like me) I felt depressed and realised that I could Relate to Eva so much. I was stumped at the end of episode 26 for about a month whilst I was waiting for EOE to come in I kept playing Eva over and over and when I finally watched EOE I was shocked by the ending, "Wow" I thought to myself. So I began to dig at the story and dig I did. I found thing I’m not even going to comment on as I will probably have my ass reamed by veteran fans from the forum sites etc. But I have some big theories behind the majority of the series and the finish of EOE.

After all of this I discovered ReTake which was a plausible ending for after EOE which now with Many other Fans from all over the world we are Teaming together to animate it.

All in all I’m now probably the biggest Evangelion Fan in Australia (until proven otherwise) and have a large collection of Evangelion related Items such as... Many games (I wish I could read Japanese) Hundreds of Figurines and Models. 72000 Images on my pc My car is decked out In Eva Stuff. The mighty 2004 Holden Commodore aka The Nerv Mobile lol. Groundwork of EVANGELION vol's 1,2 & 3 and so on... Anyway now I believe I understand Evangelion although I still pick up stuff everytime I watch it but the dress up Asuka game I cant play anymore as I feel sorry for her everytime I play it.

Zeak offline

Ill start from the top. I have lived In Melbourne Australia most of my life known as Darren by my friends but have recently made the move to Sydney as part of my job. I have been living out of home for about 12 months now and enjoying life to the fullest. Some of my hobbies Include Spending time with friends having a few beers around a BBQ, Driving. I love my car you have no idea what I feels like driving a new car round your mates when there all driving some old bomb that’s 20 years old lol. Watching Movies, my favorite would have to be "THE CASTLE" which is a brilliant Australia comedy about the Kerigan family who wont move out of there home as Tullermarine airport wishes to expand, I highly recommend It if you ever see it. Other movies I love are "CAST AWAY", "SERENITY", "BLACK HAWK DOWN" and come to think of it there is a few but there some of the main ones.

Favorite Quotes

Darryl Kerrigan: Steve, could you move the Camerra, I need to get the Torana out so I can get to the commodore. Steve Kerrigan: I'll have to get the keys to the Cortina if I'm gonna move that Camerra Darryl Kerrigan: Yeah, watch the boat mate Steve Kerrigan: Yeah

If god does exist he left a hell of a long time ago.

Why is it called taking a dump? Shouldn’t it be called leaving a dump?

Me and my Friend where doing cartwheels in the backyard the other day and he said "I couldn’t do a cartwheel to save my life". Then I thought when would it?

Current Projects

Evangelion ReTake Animation Project

ReTake 01