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Name Shiro
Real Name
Date of birth
Homeland United States of America
Role Random cleaning of articles and helping out
Lot in life Dunno at this point
Favorite Episode Epsiode 19
Favorite Character Ikari Shinji
Favorite Relationship Asuka/Shinji
Favorite Angel Sachiel
Favorite Evangelion Shogouki

I'm Shiro. I discovered Evangelion the summer of 2007. I was searching for something to fill the void until Season 4 of Lost started. I had watched Episode 10 of Yugioh: The Abridged Series, which contained a Cruel Angel's Thesis parody. The song got stuck in my head, and my search for something that screwed with your head, as well as the song being stuck in my head eventually lead me to the Wikipedia article for NGE. I decided to check it out, and I was blown away. EoE especially, I wasn't prepared for anything like it. It changed my life.