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Name RussianRiz
Real Name Igor Rizzi
Date of birth 09/23/1997
Homeland Brazil
Role EoE's Final Scene lover
Lot in life Psychology Student
Favorite Episode 20, 22, 26'
Favorite Character Asuka
Favorite Relationship Pen Pen repopulating Earth
Favorite Angel Leliel
Favorite Evangelion Evangelion Unit-01

Hello. I usually like to edit a few pages here and there to keep this wiki active. My favorite page is Final Scene Analysis which I worked hard on and I'm very happy with the result. Hope you enjoy some of my contributions.

Also, I'm not Russian. Most certainly not. I intensely dislike the colour red. "Russian" comes from my first name, Igor, and definitely not from my KGB friends, so I decided to use this nickname in the Evangelion community because yes.

Currently working: