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"I have no desire to return to that empty shell, but even that depends on the will of Lilith."
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Name KnightmareX13
Real Name Carl
Date of birth 12/29/92
Homeland United States
Role A.D.T.F. Commander
Lot in life College student
Favorite Episode
Favorite Character Shinji
Favorite Relationship Asuka/Shinji
Favorite Angel
Favorite Evangelion Evangelion Unit-01

About me

"Shortly after Code Geass became a hit in the year 1400 BC a lot of people were complaining about a serious lack of a Guren Mark 1. In revenge against the lazy staff the audience canonized a fan creation powered by the souls of long dead hats that soon became alive with rage. The fan made machine eventually took over the Code Geass staff and made them dance to polka music against their will until he let them go. A century later he encountered the Chinese triad lead by Donald Duck and his cancerous tooth fairy Gestapos. The fan made knightmare frame took out all of them using a pillow filled with razor sharp paper and lasers. Shortly after mounting the heads on his wall he went to a Maaya Sakamoto concert since he got addicted to anime music for no good reason. There he encountered people from Evageeks that offered him a ride back with full citizenship if he could find good quality bondage porn of their favorite anime girls. However, even with Deviant Art that became impossible and he was kicked out of Evageeks until he met TDSA who offered to sneak him over the boarder in exchange for getting his big guns symbol back, which was actually possible. Since then the fan made machine became the local gunpla seller at his store where he employed the help of leprechauns that hated Wal Mart. That, folks, is the origin of KnightmareX13."

Biography provided by TDSA. Safe journeys where ever you go TDSA!