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Name IrkenEvangelion
Real Name Adam Young
Date of birth November 20, 1992
Homeland Western New York
Role Podcast Director, Re-Take Voice, Scribe, and Forum Regular
Lot in life Freelance
Favorite Episode Episodes 22, 26, 25', and 26'
Favorite Character Asuka Langley Soryu
Favorite Relationship Asuka and Shinji Most Deff
Favorite Angel Zeruel
Favorite Evangelion [Evangelion Unit-11 Cannon Type]

How I came to be an Evangelion Fan

First off... 6 YEARS IN COUNTING!!!! Alright... Now... Believe it or not this can be lead back to my dad! At that time I was young, I didn't even have a favorite band! But my dad brought home Weird Al's Poodle Hat CD. I listened to one song, AMAZING!! He was so funny and awesome I listened to the whole CD at least 10 times. Of course we burned the CD and I continued my search for music from my new favorite artist. I listen to a lot of his song's and my favorite was I Think I'm A Clone Now. It was about how he was a clone at birth and he could do anything with himself (his real copy). It had the best beat and I just loved it. I was just also starting to get into the internet so I loved downloading music and videos. Oh my goodness, I almost had a heart attack! Come to find out there was a Weird Al video of my favorite song! I downloaded it, of course it took forever on dial-up, and I watched it.... I said to myself, what is this? Anime? I've watched anime a couple of times but I didn't really get into it. So I did some searching on the internet and found out it was an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. Well I didn't do anymore research except that that's what it was called, OH FREAKIN' BOY!!! Well The video concerned upon Rei Ayanami, who I didn't know at the time, and how her life as a clone was. Well I go to school and start talking and talking about this awesome thing I found out. I said "Guess what I discovered yesterday!! Theres an anime about a secret society of people that were conducting experiments like cloning." But I mean, come on! From watching that video with no prier knowledge of Evangelion, that's what one would think. But that's what I thought. So after a few weeks of researching I found out what it was actually about, giant robots that were fighting these thing's called angels. I always wondered why they were called angels because angels are messenger's from God. Well I was astonished to find out Shinji asked the same thing. But that's all it was to me for awhile, just another cool show about giant robots fighting enemies. Well after years of research and the unnatural need to do it, I now know a LOT more than I did and still like to look into things today. I like to apply most of the psychological aspects to my life and I think that in the end that makes me a better person because of it. But Evangelion is definitely a HUGE part of my life and if I never searched that video all those years ago I would definitely be a completely different person today. Luckily this year (2008), 5 years after I learned of Eva, I have found this great place with these great people, and I couldn't have found any better group of people if I tried. One thing I've really taken interest in is the Re-Take doujinshi series. It's got a really incredible plot and I feel it fits right where End of Evangelion left off perfectly.

My Podcast

Me and my cousin have an ongoing podcast entitled 'What We Think'. Just something I like to do with him in my free time. But we never get together enough so it's very hard to make episodes. We are pretty much the 'official' sponsor of Zeak's animated Re-Take Project. You can see our logo in the opening credits of his trailers and the actual movie.


I like to do a lot of things. Since I'm home-schooled, I don't really get out much except for church Sunday and Youth Group Tuesday. So I pretty much have a lot of time and hobbies. I self-teach myself at everything I do. I play guitar but prefer the violin and piano. I'm decent at guitar and don't really know much on the other two. I like to make AMVs of songs I like (which can be found on YouTube (I hate you google...)). I draw occasionally, pretty much just Eva stuff if I do draw. I definitely like to bike though, me and my best friend usually bike about 200 miles each summer. It sounds like a lot but stretched out across the summer it's not that much. I also love eBay!! You can get about anything you want on there, especially when you're just searching for random stuff and nothing in particular. One last thing.... I collect Evangelion stuff, go figure..... Gears of War and zombies are also pretty big too. I also occasionally glance over on Zombie Squad for their occasional opinion on zombie related activities.

Favorite Quotes

"Yes. The best zombie fighters are well-motivated, well-adjusted, and young." - CorporalChaos