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I am myself, and only myself.

Why Eva

I found Eva a while back... it was one of the first anime I saw. There is something about it that has always attracted me too it. And that's not just Rei's butt.... okay, it's not *only* just Rei's butt. It just appeals to me on a level that most other anime don't. It might be a 'first show' effect, or it might be something deeper. That's a matter for future debate. But I've liked it since I first heard about it.

I found EVA fanfiction while looking for more information on this mysterious series....which up until then, I'd only read basic details about. This was about 2-3 years ago now, while I still had crappy diallup internet. I watched AMV's, I read essays, I hoovered up any possible detail on this mysterious series... I just wanted to know more about it. It was also at about this time that I found which became my first internet haunt. Any reference to EM in my writings here, refer to Evamade, and not Evamonkey (Who never bothered to approve my account). Anyway, I even started writing a few fics....still before I'd seen the series.

Now then... those never saw the light of day... they were horrible...

DvD's are a bitch to find in Ireland, and I won't order online for love nor my first encounter with the series was The End of Evangelion. Irony that I should see the end, before I see the start, but still... that's how I saw it. Shortly afterwards, I acquired a fansub of the entire series... except Episode 5. (Which I still haven't ever seen). And yes, I was so enthralled, I watched the whole bloody lot through twice.

I like the characters. I like how, depending on my mood, I can see little bits of myself in them. Sometimes, I see Shinji, sometimes, I see Asuka. When I see beer, I see Misato. When you can see them within yourself, it draws you into the show. That, and Episode 25' 26' were cool.


I also got into fanfiction, as a means of exploring the universe. That, and I like doing it. I have no intention of being a pro-writer or anything like that... I just do it for my own enjoyment, and the hollow praises of other idiots. Anyway, stuff I do can be found [here]... some is half decent, but some isn't.

One thing I've been told, is that I can characterise a good Shinji. You read it, and it's not just Shinji in name only. I guess that's the the good thing about [meeting the characters in person]. Oh and *that* thing... it's played both for humour, to make a certain plot contrivance more obvious, and because it makes it easier to deal with Asuka.

Some links

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Not much else to say really.