Until You Come to me

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Until You Come to me is a short film released by Studio Khara in the Animator Expo series of short animated films[1] set to Shiro Sagisu's rendering of "Danny Boy", depicting Shinji, Rei and Asuka in their states at the end of Evangelion 3.0. Since it was meant as a short film to showcase the work of Khara's animators rather than a proper commercial release, the relationship between this film and the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series is in doubt. Until confirmed otherwise, the events taking place in this short can not be considered canonical.


The short doesn't have a coherent plot, and rather shows different short scenes and still images, most notably:

  • What appears to be the post-Fourth Impact landscape, tinted red, littered with Failures of Infinity and debris floating in double helix patterns, and cast in light snowfall.
  • Shinji walking around in this landscape.
  • Sketches of Asuka from Episode 8, Episode 25', Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, and Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo.
  • What appears to be a flashback, featuring Gendo, a demonic Eva-01, Shinji watching in shock as he is being stabbed through a core on his chest, and several armorless Evangelion being stabbed with replicas of the Spear of Longinus.
  • Rei standing by a seawall. Shinji does a finger walk along the wall towards her. She returns the gesture, but suddenly her hand disintegrates and turns into dust which is blown away with the wind.
  • Shinji standing with his back to the camera by a blue sea dressed in a plugsuit, while his reflection depicts him in his school uniform. Some birds flutter, to reveal a close up of Rei; she is then shown observing something from a distance, mirroring her quantum appearance in Episode 1. Shinji turns slightly around and walks away.

The short film can be viewed here[1]