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Mari is an enigmatic character in Rebuild of Evangelion, she has an appearance of a British high schooler in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. However, as the series goes on, “Mari” seens in Fuyutsuki’s photo in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo and in Gendo’s flashback in Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon The Time raise many questions about her age. How old is she? How’s her relationships with Fuyutsuki, Yui and Gendo? Did she have the curse of Eva back then? Is she a clone of the Original? (Note: more extra evidences will be in the Theory section).

Mari's relationship with Fuyutsuki, Yui and Gendo

In the right, there is a person that looks like Mari.

In a scene in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo where Shinji and Kozo are playing Shogi, Kozo tell Shinji that if he missed her mom, to which Shinji replies that he don't, then Kozo showed a photo of Shinji (as a baby), Yui and other people around her. Interestingly, it had a person that looked like Mari, which may imply that it was her. However, it was shown that her hair is brighter in the photo and didn't wear a headband. So it's unknown that it was her or soomeone else. However, it is that this is not an only time we see strange connections between them. In many scenes, Mari refers to Gendo as "Gendo-Kun (ゲンドゥ君)". Interestingly, "Kun (君)" is used for younger man but it also used for a person with the same age. In Gendo's flashback in scenes of 2: 06: 27 ( 2 hours – 6 minutes – 27 seconds), we see "Mari" with Gendo. She also introduced Fuyutsuki and Yui and they got along with each other. But the scene is total black and white so we can’t identify whenever it’s Mari or not.

Mari?" in Gendo's flashback
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 1 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 2 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3

In scenes of 2: 06: 27 ( 2 hours – 6 minutes – 27 seconds)

But in The Mari – Fuyutsuki conversation in scenes of 1: 56: 57 (1 hour – 56 minutes – 57 seconds), Mari and Fuyutsuki somehow (if we don’t count that glass women above) did know each other as Mari calls him Fuyutsuki-Sensei.



_________I see, so it’s finally begins.


_________Oh, it’s you.

Mari: お久しぶりです冬月先生。

_____It’s been quite some time, Professor Fuyutsuki.

Mari: しつかし、この船の中L結界密度が高すぎません?

____But I gonna say, isn’t the L-containment field density pretty damn high here?

Fuyutsuki: ああ、元来仕様ではないからな。厶リは承知だ。

_________Well, the ship was never designed to be manned. I realize I’m being reckless.

Fuyutsuki: 人には常〝希望″という光が与えられている。

_________The ray of light called hope eternally shines upon humanity.

Fuyutsuki: だが希望という病にすがり溺れるのも人の常だ。

_________But human also drown, clinging on to the disease called hope.

Fuyutsuki: 私も碇希望という病泡しがみつき過ぎているな。

_________I believe both Ikari and I both clung on to that disease for far too long.

Mari: ゲンドゥ君は自らが補完の中心になることで願いをかなえようとしている。

____Gendoh want to fulfill his wish by being the focal point of human instrumentality.

Mari: それを助けたい いえ、

____I can sympathize how you want to help him、

Mari: 願いを重ねる冬月先生の気持ちも分かりますが。

____or actually how your wish overlaps with his.

Mari: 人類全てを巻き添えにするは御免被りたいニヤ。

____But I’d rather you not drag the whole humanity down with you, ya know.

Fuyutsuki: だろうな、禾の役目は終わりだ。

_________I understand, my job is done.

Fuyutsuki: 君が欲しいものは集めてあるあとは。よしなにしたえ。

_________I’ve assembled the things you want. Do as you see best fit,

Fuyutsuki: イスカリオテのマリア君。

_________Mary Iscariot.

Mari: フフツヽ超久しぶりに聞いたな、その名前。

____Wow, it’s been forever since someone called me by that name.

Mari: では。おさらばです。

____Rightly-oh. Bye-bye.

Fuyutsuki - Mari conversation
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 1 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 2 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3
"Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3 "Mari?" in Gendo's flashback 3

In scenes of 1: 56: 57 (1 hour – 56 minutes – 57 seconds)

In this conversation, Fuku called her イスカリオテのマリア君 (Mary Iscariot), this can be implied as that is her Real name, and “Mari Makinami Illustrious” is just her name just for coverup. But this can also mean he called her that name as a way to refer to her as a traitor, as in the Bible Judas Iscariot is the one who betrayed Jesus Christ. It seems likes she also work for them until her Betrayal and joining WILLE.

File:Mari how the heck did you call Yui Yui San while you called Gendo Gendo Kun Explain me Mari!.png
Yui San.

In 2:08:29 (2 hours – 8 minutes – 29 seconds), when Misato sacrifices herself to deliver Spear of Gaius to Shinji to rewrite the world. Mari, who ploting Evangelion Unit-08 (Currently Evangelion Unit-08+09+10+11+12), is on topo of Wunder, we heard Mari mentioning Yui:

Mari: 神が与えた希望の槍 カシウスと絶槍ロンギヌス。

____The Gods bestowed upon us Cassius, the spear of hope, and Longinus, the spear of despair.

Mari: それを失っても世界をありのままに戻したいという意志の力で作り上げた槍ガイウス。

____But even after losing those two spears, the will to return the world to how things were created the spear Gaius.

Mari: いえ、ヴィレの槍。

____No, the WILLE’s spear.

Mari: 知恵と意志を持つ人類は神の手助けなしに己をまで来てるよ。

____Armed with knowledge and willpower, humanity has made it this far even without divine help…

Mari: ユイさん。


As we heard from her dialogue,`is it means that she and Yui have their own agenda? or it just Mari do she believe that what’s Yui want something?

Mari’s first Appearance in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

Curse of Eva (Before the Event of Rebuild of Evangelion and/or after Evangelion 2.0)

File:NERV Doggy.png
NERV Doggy but not Shinji?

Another Evidences to mention is about Curse of Eva. We see that she has an apperence of a 16-year-old girl but way have knowledges about Nerv (likes the knowledge of "Beast Mode" and relationship with Fuyutsuki, Yui and Gendo which is mentioned above. It may impled that she had curse of Eva before the event of Rebuild of Evangelion. However, if she actually had that, why Nerv has to recuit children/clones likes Rei, Asuka and Shinji in the first place? As they can know about her curse and take that as an advantage due to her relationships of Curse of Eva and Fuyutsuki, Gendo and Yui as seen as the first above evidences. They could have offer Misato to be a pilot for Nerv when she was a teenager to take revenge on Angels and she wouldn’t mind having a curse. Also if that exist and there is a procees to achieve that (whenever "Mari" was the creator/developer of that process or someoone else), why don't the WILLE troops and the people in the villages use it? means becoming immortal and only requiring only water sounds horrible but it can brings many advantages to repair all the problems in the post-Third Impact world and they don't need to worry about dying bustling in LCL when the Angel-sealing Hex Pillars eventually fall, starvation, disease or lack of resources. [2]

Also, if she has a curse before the Rebuild events , why Mari doesn’t recognize Shinji when she meets him on the roof of a school and just simply calls him “littte NERV doggy” as she had a relationship with Yui and others as seen as the above photo in above? If she does, she could have mentioned about how he is similar to "Yui's child" or just simply call his real name (likes Shinji-(honorific)) but in the end she don't.

In 2.0, Mari, as metioned above, has an appearance of a 16-year-old British high schooler while in Fuyutsuki's photo in 3.0 and in Gendo’s flashback, she is as tall as Yui. If she has a curse, how she is that young as "Mari" in 2 above evidences must be same age as Yui or little younger than her? This can be impled that with curse of Eva (with other things), she can revert her age to be as young as a young teenager but there is no evidents for that.

The Ironic Comparison
From StarShaper7[1][2]
File:Yui and "Mari" height comparision.jpg
File:"Mari" and Yui's height comparison in Gendo's flashback.png

Another evidences


Thanks to those above speculations, many fans created many theories, but there are two most popular theories among the fans:

Mari is (one of the) first victim of Curse of Eva before the event of Rebuild of Evangelion

The most popular and also the most easily accpeted theory

Mari appeared in Rebuild of Evangelion is a clone of the original

The second most popular theory


- Based on the The Ending of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 which Shinji and Mari on screen together with Mari being depicted as having the Curse of Eva before the Events of Rebuild of Evangelion by many, there are many memes depicted Mari as a cougar or a pedophile and many “60 years old” jokes around her along with “Shinji marrys a 60-year-old woman".

- While calling Gendo "Gendo-Kun (ゲンドゥ君)", Mari calls Yui Yui-San (ユイさん), this can be implied that Mari is younger than Gendo and Yui but she sees Gendo as close friend, thus hint about Mari's age (as a part of "Mari is (one of the) first victim of Curse of Eva before the event of Rebuild of Evangelion" theory).


  1. Dialouge and Japanese translation for Evangelion 3.0 + 1.01: Thrice Upon The Time from Amazon Prime

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