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"Lilith no Bunshin" The term used by Chairman Keel to describe Eva-01 is rather ambiguous. "Lilith no Bunshin" does not necessarily mean "clone of Lilith", but it might also mean "alter ego" or "inheritor". Eva-02 is rather similarly referred to as "Adam no Bunshin" by Kaworu, although Eva-02 cannot have been created from Adam in the same manner that Eva-01 was created out of Lilith (due to Adam having exploded by the time).

It might have been intended as a Lilith substitute during Third Impact. Why is not certain.

There seems to be little to distinguish Eva-01 from any other Evangelion in means of capabilities, it has no major difference in appearance either.

Like Adam, the Angels and all Evangelions, but unlike Lilith and Lilin, Eva-01 possesses a core containing the Eva's soul.

Eva-01 may be a genetic clone of Lilith with the body form and core of an Adam-based Eva. Eva-01 may have inherited other properties. Even if it had genes derived from Adam, the matter it was made of originated from Lilith. Eva-01 being born from Lilith might have allowed it to gain Lilith's metaphysical "fruit of knowledge"

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