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Placeholder Image
Name {{{name}}}
Real Name {{{real name}}}
Date of birth {{{date of birth}}}
Homeland {{{homeland}}}
Role {{{role}}}
Lot in life {{{lot in life}}}
Favorite Episode {{{favorite episode}}}
Favorite Character {{{favorite character}}}
Favorite Relationship {{{favorite relationship}}}
Favorite Angel {{{favorite angel}}}
Favorite Evangelion {{{favorite evangelion}}}

How To Use This

Just us the following code and fill in your values.

{{User Infobox
| name =
| real name        = 
| date of birth       = 
| homeland = 
| role =
| lot in life = 
| favorite episode     = 
| favorite character   = 
| favorite relationship 	=
| favorite angel  =
| favorite evangelion =

If no image is supplied, the "SOUND ONLY" Placeholder is used.