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I think we're done with the subtitles now... I guess Ornette will give things a last look before making subs? --Sailor Star Dust 09:36, 5 September 2009 (PDT)

2.22 Spots created

I added spots for the 2.22 new scenes (Thanks to Ornette for his time stamps in the translation thread) and tried to tweak a few other things accordingly (making sure Nerv, Seele and Eva were regular case instead of ALL CAPS; trying to fix or add some honorifics, things like that). Reichu, hopefully you or somebody else can take a look at this, I think I've done what I can for this page (I don't think I'll have time to give my input on the translation, but I'll try)... --Sailor Star Dust 18:02, 24 May 2010 (UTC)