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"Seiyū" is the Japanese term for "voice actor", and are also called "character voice" (CV). In conventional usage, "seiyū" refers to the original Japanese voice actor for an anime role, while the provider of the English dub for the role is referred to as the "Voice actor".

Generally, seiyū receive much more recognition for their roles in Japan, sometimes achieving national fame, than their English voice acting counterparts. Like most voice actors, they take different types of voice work, anywhere from anime, to announcing arrivals and departures at train stations, television commercial (CM) voice-overs, narration, automobile satnav devices, and dubbing Western films and television shows.

Some seiyu have diversified into other endeavors, such as singing, stage-acting, and live-action film acting. In addition they are also into talk radio as radio personalities.

With the exception of a few freelancers, most seiyuu are organized under management agencies.[1]

Despite this, they are by all accounts shockingly underpaid, often having to take a second job in order to make ends meet.[2]

NGE Major Character Seiyū

Character Seiyū Image Seiyū
Shinji Ikari Megumi Ogata 26 C343 shinji-grin.jpg Megumi Ogata.jpg
Misato Katsuragi Kotono Mitsuishi OP C014 misato.jpg Kotono Mitsuishi.jpg
Asuka Langley Soryu Yuko Miyamura OP C057 asuka.jpg Yuko miyamura.jpg
Rei Ayanami, Yui Ikari, Pen Pen and Eva-01(berserk)[3] Megumi Hayashibara OP C016 rei.jpg

21 C342 yui.jpg
02 C152 penpen.jpg
19 C338 guooo.jpg

Megumi Hayashibara.jpg
Gendo Ikari Fumihiko Tachiki Op C013 gendo.jpg Fumihiko tachiki.jpg
Ritsuko Akagi Yuriko Yamaguchi OP C015 ritsuko.jpg Yamaguchi.jpg
Ryoji Kaji Koichi Yamadera 08 C071 kaji.jpg Yamadera.temp.jpg
Kozo Fuyutsuki Motomu Kiyokawa OP C037A kozo.jpg Motomu kiyokawa.jpg
Kaworu Nagisa Akira Ishida 24 C282 kaworu.jpg Akira ishida.jpg
Keel Lorenz Mugihito OP C046 keel.jpg Mugihito.jpg
Kensuke Aida Tetsuya Iwanaga OP C059 kensuke.jpg Tetsuya Iwanaga.jpg
Toji Suzuhara Tomokazu Seki OP C058 toji.jpg Seki.temp.jpg
Hikari Horaki Junko Iwao OP C060 hikari.jpg Iwao.jpg
Maya Ibuki Miki Nagasawa OP C040 maya.jpg Miki nagasawa.jpg
Makoto Hyuga Hiro Yuki OP C038 hyuga.jpg Hiro yuki.jpg
Shigeru Aoba Takehito Koyasu OP C039 aoba.jpg Takehito Koyasu.jpg


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