Matsushiro Secondary Experiment Facility

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Matsushiro Secondary Experiment Facility is a secondary facility in Matsushiro, which neighbors Tokyo-2, on the site of modern-day Nagano. It possesses an independent technical staff and support facilities for at least one Eva, but appears to be relegated largely to research and logistical support roles. A set of Magi supercomputers, "Magi 02", is located in the Matsushiro base. The first "shakedown" synchronization attempt with Evangelion Unit-03 took place at the Matsushiro secondary testing facility, revealing the Angel Bardiel which had taken over Eva-03, resulting in an explosion which destroyed the testing facilities of the base. However, the rest of the base survived including Matsushiro's set of Magi supercomputers, which were used to try to hack into Nerv HQ's Magi system in The End of Evangelion. The Matsushiro testing facility was apparently not a full "branch base" of Nerv.

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