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Simulation.png Simulation 1.11.png

Simulation 2.png Simulation 2 1.11.png

Simulator.png Simulator 1.11.png

While, in the original series, Shinji simulates combat inside his Eva, in an analog training, in the movie the training is presented as a virtual reality, done in a machine dedicated to the process.

Why throw it away when you can BURN it?

03 C038 trash1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C67 trash-1.jpg

03 C038 trash2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C67 trash-2.jpg


03 C046 school-walk.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C22 escalator.jpg

03 C047 shinji-walk.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C45 escalator.jpg


Entering the classroom

03 C054 walk-in.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C13 walk-in.jpg

Shinji's already plugged into his music when he walks in; seems like he's gotten even more withdrawn. Alternatively, the other students seem to be vesting a bit more interest from the start (except Kensuke, oddly enough). Toji's being even less subtle than before (an amazing accomplishment, all things considered).

If you didn't notice Shinji's switchover to a backpack previously, there it is.

The Girl by the Window

03 C056 rei-window.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C26 rei-window.jpg

03 C057 rei-window.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C25 rei-window.jpg

Straightforward retake. The sling is now tucked beneath Rei's collar, rather than draped over it.

Silently Staring

03 C058 a shinji-stare.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C27 a shinji-stare.jpg

03 C058 b shinji-sit.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C27 b shinji-sit.jpg

Shinji's expression seems much less ... "forlorn" in Rebuild.

The Most One-Sided Fist Fight in Tokyo-3

03 C114 collar-grab 1.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C12 collar-grab 1.jpg

03 C114 collar-grab 2.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C12 collar-grab 2.jpg

The similarities here are very strong. As in, redrawing-the-original-frames-of-animation strong. Not a single unique frame was left behind. A two-in-one animated GIF for your perusal.

"Sky. Blue sky."

03 C119 sky.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C37 sky.jpg

"The sky I see after getting beaten up." Rebuild also adds a cut of Shinji listening to his... SDAT... iPOD... whatever... while he gazes at the sky. (More on that in Miscellany.)

Emergency Call

03 C121 rei.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C39 rei.jpg

03 C122 shinji,rei.jpg Shinji 1.11.png

03 C124 rei-run.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C40 rei-run.jpg

Shinji seems to have relocated himself to the roof of the school after the run-in with Toji. The whole scene is visually redone from scratch, utilizing the cuts and "camera" differently. A breeze has been added for extra flourish. At least Rei's dialogue is exactly the same. Above are just selected cuts from the scene; a full side-by-side will be put off until more "ideal" source material is available.


Shelter.png Shelter 1.11.png

TV.png TV 1.11.png

Bathroom.png Bathroom 1.11.png

Hell with the budget! Need more explosions!!

03 C153 missile-encampment.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C31 artillery.jpg

And for all the artillery nerds, the missile encampment is joined by really big tank... things. You know, to waste even MORE of the tax-payers' money.

Battle Formation!

03 C179 shamshel 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C28 shamshel 1.jpg

03 C179 shamshel 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C28 shamshel 2.jpg

Shamshel's shift into battle formation is quite different -- and so is Shamshel herself. Note how Shamshel seems to be "unfolding" (rather than simply taking on a vertical posture), as if the bottom of her head had been pressed against the thoracic region and the arthopodian legs are only now being exposed. But without more footage, who knows. The arms have undergone a bit of a ... change -- a bit reminiscent of an alternate scheme for the arm Asari included on one of his original conceptual illustrations for Shammy, in fact. Also note that Shamshel's eye spots are now red. Almost seems like they're trying to reinvent the Angel of Dildoes into something as menacing as possible, and get some good "kimochi warui!" out of the audience while they're at it. But more on that later.

The screencaps here are from the second trailer. The version of the cut found in the second part of the Beautiful World video is composed somewhat differently. (An animation.)


Running.png Running 1.11.png

03 C180 toji,kensuke.jpg Rebuild1 toji,kensuke watch.jpg

Ready for Action

03 C188 eva01 1.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C08 eva01 1.jpg

03 C188 eva01 2.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C08 eva01 2.jpg

The original cut was (probably) handled by the 3rd-string Korean backup animation team -- it don't look so good. Rebuild looks much nicer. Not that you can see it here, but, after exiting the lift, Sho goes "around the bend" instead of straight this time. And...

Guys dig chicks with big guns

03 C189 eva01-shoot 1.jpg Preparing to shoot.png

03 C189 eva01-shoot 2.jpg Shooting.png

03 C189 eva01-shoot 3.jpg Out of ammo.png

The Pallet Rifle is soooooo 90's. This is 2007! We need a 5-Barrelled Minigun Whatthefuck Animu Weapon! (As one Anonymous put it.) Or, as the canon somewhat more blandly calls it, a "gatling gun".

"Now you see me..."

03 C190 shoot-sham 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C40 shoot-sham 1.jpg

03 C190 shoot-sham 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C40 shoot-sham 2.jpg

Yes! Bigger flashes!!

Tentacle Demon

03 C208 shamshel-comp crop.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C30 shamshel-comp.jpg

Ghod, where to even begin...?

The most attention-getting differences involve the thoracic region. Previously, there had been a ventral concavity into which the eight legs neatly folded. In Rebuild, we have this exposed structure creepily resembling a naked rib cage and a spine. Shamshel's legs now all attach to this "spine" and are similarly bone-colored, and, rather than retract during battle, they flail about wildly like those of bug trying to get back on its feet. An additional pair of legs (teeny weeny ones) have been added to the caudal end ("towards the rear") of the ensemble, for a total of ten.

Also, the core was originally tucked between the V-shaped furrow on the bottom of Shamshel's head and her "collar bones". The "collar bones" look like actual bones now and branch off the top of the "spine" to hug the bottom of the core (which is barely visible at the beginning of this panning shot); the arms originally attached to their distal ends, but that no longer seems to be the case. The V-shaped furrow seems to be gone and, instead, Shamshel has a sucker-like mouth with "fangs" hanging on either side. (Easier to see in this screenshot.) This pathetically crude figure attempts to highlight some of these differences.

Check out where the whips are attached now. The whips are physical organs amplified by energy, so how do those frail-looking arm parts actually support them? And where did the whips come from in the first place? Generated on the fly?

Don't worry. This nerdery will be moved later.

"Countdown initiated!"

03 C220 countdown.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C42 countdown-1.jpg

03 C220 countdown.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C42 countdown-2.jpg

Lot more going on here. In Rebuild, the display initially shows a schematic of the "business end" of the umbilical cable (kinda hard to make complete sense of). Then it slides up off the screen and the battery counter slides down to take its place. Kinda nifty. This cut also confirms the continued presence of our Bridge Bunnies; Hyuga's right where he should be.

"Both of you, INSIDE!"

Inside Eva.png Inside Eva 1.11.png

Eva-01's hand

Humanoid hand.png Humanoid hand 1.11.png

In the anime, Eva-01's hand is darker, probably because of the heat and burns. At 1.11, it's perfectly fine and clean, enhancing its human aspect even more.

"That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife!"

03 C282 progknife 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C03 prog1.jpg

03 C282 progknife 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C03 prog2.jpg

03 C282 progknife 3.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C03 prog3.jpg

Showcasing a new knife design and a much more intricate and visually engaging setup. Now the knife is jointed where the blade meets the hilt, and it straightens after being engaged. Nifty. There's that word again.

03 C284 progknife 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C07 progknife 1.jpg

03 C284 progknife 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C07 progknife 2.jpg

The original cut is drawn rather poorly, so there’s no contest here. We have the naked hands once again, although they look (A) not terribly damaged, and (B) alarmingly low on the melanin. (Have the Evas abandoned their sleek, swarthy looks?!?) Sho also seems to be holding her left arm kinda funny.

"Push, Shinji! PUSH!!"

03 C303 lever.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C49 lever.jpg

Bloodcurdling Shriek of the Damned

03 C305 shinji-scream 1.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C26 shinji-scream 1.jpg

03 C305 shinji-scream 2.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C26 shinji-scream 2.jpg

Hope Ogata's lungs can still deliver. Shinji's mouth is even bigger this time.

"Thirty seconds and counting..."

03 C307 countdown.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C45 countdown.jpg

Post Bellum

03 C326 silhouettes.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C20 silhouette.jpg

No Shamshel corpse for them to collect this time: In Rebuild, the Angels apparently pop like blood-filled balloons once they die, and all that's left of Shamshel are the whips and the "rain of blood" falling down on Sho. "As consolation for your lost Super Solenoid sample, here: have a pretty rainbow."

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