FGC:Supplemental (Visual Iconography of the Angels)

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OP: Visual Iconography of the Angels

(Expanded Commentary from OP C-001b)

OP C001b a.jpg

Shin-seiki: This image includes elements of the visual iconography of the Angels and Evas that occur throughout the series.

For example, the face (which is vaguely like the skull of an owl or other bird of prey)…

Samm face.jpg

…obviously resembles that of Sachiel…


…and turns up in a couple of other places:

And there is something that appears to be a core…

Samm core.jpg

…which, of course, is a characteristic of both Angels and Evas:

Temp 26' eva01-core.jpg

The wings with eyes…

Samm eyes.jpg

…show up towards the end…

as do the twelve wings:

And perhaps the flaming hair…

Samm flaming-hair.jpg

…has a connection, as well.

:Image:Temp 26' eva01 hair_big.jpg