FGC:Supplemental (Flashing Images Mini-Guide 02 C159)

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Flashing Images Mini Guide

Images by row; from left to right, starting top left

a 01 C075d.jpg

White Screen

b 02 C060c.jpg

Episode #02, C-060


Mare Orientale

d 01 C290b.jpg

Episode #01, C-290


Episode #01, C-022


Mare Orientale

g 02 C063.jpg

Episode #02, C-063

h 01 C075d.jpg

White Screen

i 02 C062.jpg

Episode #02, C-062/065

j 01 C262.jpg

Episode #01, C-262

k 02 C036b.jpg

Episode #02, C-036

l 01 C075d.jpg

White Screen

Mr. Tines: Images c and f look like the Mare Orientale. As we know, Rei is repeatedly associated with the Moon. Though why a feature just barely visible on the limb, beats me. However had the moon rotated an extra 90º before settling down Mare Orientale would be one to make the Moon look like the Eye of God.