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The scene template is a container for individual cuts. To use the Scene template, it must be given a list of cuts, and an optional navigation interface which will be place at the top and bottom of the cuts.

Use the following code to create a scene


The cuts should each be made using the FGC:Cut template, and the navigation interface should be based on the FGC:Scene nav template.


The following code produces the small scene beneath it. Note that the cuts are included pages, which were made using the FGC:Cut template

{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut title1}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut001}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut002}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut003}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut004}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut005}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut006}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut007}}
{{FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut008}}
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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

FGC 01 title 01.jpg

TITLE: In the

year 2015 AD

Gundampilotspaz: …a bunch of really bad stuff happened!

Brendan Brown: Ahh, Mincho Boldwhite on black. We're going to be seeing a LOT more of you.

01 C001.jpg

Sunlight glistens on the ocean surface.

SE <<Sound of a helicopter>>

Gundampilotspaz: I still remember the very first time I saw this opening scene. I had no idea what I was in for.

Reichu: Odds are, most of us didn't.

Additional Commentary  

Kendrix: And here it comes, the glistening water surface. Anno really loves those (They're also quite abundant in "Nadia")

On the water surfaces/shorelines themselves, they're said to be associated with the border between the conscious and the subconscious and obviously used with that in mind in some of the introspection scenes.

01 C002a.jpg

01 C002b.jpg

01 C002c.jpg

A town submerged in the sea. A giant, humanoid silhouette advances underwater. There is an Angel.

(PAN UP.) SE <<Helicopter sound (from inside)>>

Reichu: Can you imagine this scene having BGM? A while back, I received a tidbit about one of the unused music tracks collected on S² Worksfrom a “Shinji Takase”:

A-8: This piece was to have marked the underwater arrival of the Third Angel in the first episode ofthe series, but the idea was eventually scrapped. [Personal speculation is that this piece would have taken away from the impact that the actual first BGM piece in the series that was used (Angel Attack) if the foreboding piece was used beforehand.] The song was not completely forgotten, as it would be used on the Evangelion: Addition CD as part of the background music for a rather comical Drama piece by the Evangelion cast.

I was never able to ask him where he got this info, as by the time I got around to replying, he had vanished off the face of the Earth. Shame. Still, it sounds like it could very well be true. (In the S² WorksMusic Menu, the piece A-8 is described as Angel's appearance B.) FYI, A-8 is indeed used in the Addition Track "DRAMA ‘shuukyoku no tsuzuki’ (kadai)", at around 16:20, when the Space Angels show up.

Sephizim: Really listen to track A-8 on S^2 Works, and how cheesily it sounds like the Jaws theme, and then think about how it would have sounded over this... Not only would it have ruined the scene, just imagine the impression that would leave on so many starting off the show like that.

Additional Commentary  

Someone: What are the six things glowing on Sachiel's back?

Reichu: I've often wondered about those myself… This is actually the only time they are seen. He does have six holes in his dorsal carapace, so apparently they each contain a source of bioluminescence.

Kendrix: A ruined city left to the Elements always speaks for itself. This shot is quick to establish that some catastrophe has taken place and we're in for something post-apocalyptic.

01 C003a.jpg

01 C003b.jpg

01 C003c.jpg

Underwater ruins. The Angel comes out into a chasm formed by the buildings.

SE <<Underwater sounds>>

Kendrix: One might wonder why Sachiel is called the "Angel of Water" if one forgets this little silent sequence.

Reichu: Sachiel is tied with Zeruel as my favorite Angel. For me, Sachi exhibits a great deal more personality than the majority of the shito. And the funny bird-face, combined with his lankiness, the flipper-feet, and the naïve attitude, just make him so… cute. (Yeah, I tend to anthropomorphize the Angels a bit, but, strictly speaking, that's 100% legal.) Props to Yoshitoh Asari for the great creature design, as well. As we'll learn later, Sachiel's not the only Angel he's responsible for.

Incisivis: I agree with Reichu about Sachiel's design. I also think it's interesting that Asari gave such a large creature a spindly build, since it's a nice visual contrast from conventional attackers such as Godzilla. Of course, because of Sachiel's size, he still gives an impression of weight and power when he attacks, which is is an even better contrast.

Reichu: And just to get this out of the way: An excruciatingly little-known fact is that the “ch” in “Sachiel” is pronounced as a hard “k” sound. I'm guessing that, since Sachiel's name ultimately comes from Hebrew, it should technically be a guttural “kh” -- but keep in mind that the Angels of NGE are not the angels of Judaeo-Christian lore, so we may as well employ the name pronunciations chosen by the show's creators.

01 C004a.jpg

01 C004b.jpg

Pull inside a submerged office. The Angel advances outside the window.

The part that looks like a face comes IN, and it continues going by. The gill-like parts come into view.

Reichu: Notice the gill-like structures on the legs. A very interesting design touch, in my opinion; you don't see too many humanoid characters whose respiratory system is located in their thighs and hips. There's a good closeup of these structures later (C-098), but even here, you can see that they are essentially three valved lids that contain and protect the feathery reddish gills within. They apparently serve a double purpose underwater — take in oxygen (since evidently Sachiel does breathe) and help propel him forward. Pretty cool, no?

Shin-seiki: (001~004) A very efficient opening sequence. It quickly lets us know that it's 2015 and the world is quite a different place: The coastal cities are underwater (a very common trope in futuristic anime) and really weird-looking, big, green things are on the loose…

Tank battalion at the water's edge.

SE <<Sound of waves; voices of cicadas>>

tv33: The UN using military force? Wow…

Dr. Nick: The United Nations in the NGE universe is quite a different organization than its real-life counterpart; it actually possesses real military strength and its commanders seem to be very trigger-happy people indeed.

felineki: I've heard that there might be an inaccuracy here… Supposedly in the Real World, UN tanks are painted blue. Anyone got confirmation on this?

tv33: The color of the UN is blue, and the soldiers wear blue helmets, but I don't believe they paint their vehicles blue. (Here is a UN vehicle that isn't.) It's probably too much work to paint all of the vehicles, then to repaint them every time they get hit.

thewayneiac: The significance of the cicadas will be explained a little later, as well.

01 C006.jpg

Tank battalion on standby on the shore
UrsusArctos: If you take a close look, you can see the electrical overhead lines for a submerged railroad track running past the cliff. For all the military nerds and Kensuke fans watching this, those are Japanese Type 74 tanks. The military always seemed to use tactics straight out of Hollywood movies in the show - the tanks are densely packed on a narrow road, and if Sachiel wrecks two ends of the column the entire lot can be trapped and destroyed.

01 C007a.jpg

01 C007b.jpg

Tank cannon in front. The ocean horizon. Suddenly, a spout of water slowly rises (due to the Angel standing up).

SE <<Cry of a sea bird>>

A sea bird flies off the barrel.

Shin-seiki: (005-007) Hmm, shots straight out of any number of Godzilla or other ‘Daikaijuu’ (giant monster) flix. One would expect, given their extensive experience with invading giant monsters, that the Japanese would learn that a tank battalion is no match for anything so large and green. But, what the hey, there are certain traditions that must be observed in these situations…

Dr. Nick: This is a good place to quote the Laws of Anime again…

Law of Anime #21 - The Law of Tactical Unreliability
Tactical geniuses aren't…

Reichu: Just a random observation: Here and C-023 are among the very few times we actually see random wildlife in the show. As far as non-botanical lifeforms go, humans, über-beings, or a certain penguin tend to be all that we see.

Kendrix: The big splash created by the Angel is played down/shown only from the distance, again, creating that documentary-like feeling, like we're seeing it all through cameras placed in fixed spots.

01 C008a.jpg

01 C008b.jpg

An old coastal urban area submerged in water. (Slowly track up and pan left.) There are dead trees and telephone poles.

Announcer (Male) (OFF - Fade-in):“As of 12:30 today…”

Kendrix: More scenes of a somewhat dissonantly serene, dying world.

Reichu: The voice of the rather composed announcer here is Tomomichi Nishimura, whom Gainaxfans might remember as the Vice Officer [Fukuchouyaku] from Top o Nerae! Gunbuster. He also plays Commander A in this episode, whom we shall meet presently.

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