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Omake is Japanese for "cool extra stuff that you will happily shell out ten times as much money for". The usage I employ here is "random extra crap that doesn't fit anywhere else". These extras are not necessarily supplemental to the commentary itself, but they're useful/amusing things, many/most of which have been generated by me or other members of the FGC community. Here they can, like various more relevant materials, be preserved for as long as this site is online. As with elsewhere, more content will be added over time.


The tendency to make "capdocs" on a whim started before I actually joined ANF, and they've been a sort of running tradition ever since. The dates for many are taken from the best any relevant File Properties have to offer.

  • Adam & Gendo (2004/02)
    I'm apparently not the only one who's had horrible thoughts about the fact that Gendo put Adam in his righty. This is from the days before the "Adam = male" orthodoxy was addressed, but I suppose the irony might make the dialogue more amusing.

Random Idiocy

This would fall under the category of "humor". Of course, different people have different ideas of what is funny, so if you don't laugh, or even have a psychic chuckle -- oh, well. There is a lot of written material in various forum threads that deserves to be here, but, alas, yet another of those dratted long-term goals... Please suggest things to put here -- along with providing any needed link(s) -- since they're badly needed.

  • LAEM: The Worst Case Scenario {Dr. Nick}
    NGE + Hollywood = ...
  • Robo-Shinji
    Game Over sequence from Girlfriend of Steel 2. This is essentially what is in-game, except I couldn't help but make a couple of fairly pointless modifications. Upon reflection, I don't think they really add anything.