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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Entry plug internal time counter.
felineki: Does anyone have any idea what the “Stop/Slow/Normal/Racing” bit on the energy display is supposed to mean?

Sharp-kun: Heartbeat, maybe?

Dr. Nick: I believe it has to do with the Eva's battery system. Five minutes of running time with normal consumption and one minute with full power (as seen in episode #08), probably all limiters released.

Reichu: I wonder if there's any particular reason why most of the display here is bilingual — other than that, to the Japanese, English is “cool”.

Gundampilotspaz: English is also the universal language of science, and that is most likely why most of the instruments at Nerv HQ are in both English and Japanese. This also is why the markings on the Evangelions, including those made in Germany, China, and the US, all are in English.