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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

OP C004f.jpg

Rei's blinking eye super-UP (realistic), fade in.
Reichu: Here, the line itaike na hitomi, or “innocent eye(s)”, is sung. And speaking of eyes…

Shin-seiki: From the Sadamoto interview in the second volume of the manga:

There were two things that went into the decision to make her eyes red: one is the fact that she didn't have enough outstanding features, and the second is from a business standpoint, the makers of the game wanted her differentiated from the other characters, but personally I think it turned out to have a great effect. She's so quiet you can only tell her character from her gaze and her facial expressions; so she leaves the impression of having a strong stare.

Interesting that he makes no mention of the word ‘albino’.

Reichu: Ah, but he doesn't deny that Rei is an albino, does he? ;;>

MDWigs: I really dislike the use of the term “albino” to describe Rei and Kaworu. They are ANIME characters! They can be drawn however the creators desire. As Sadamoto said, he gave Rei red eyes to set her apart. To say she looks like that because she is an albino is silly in my opinion.

thewayneiac: I have always found red eyes to be creepy and disturbing, and tend to dislike anime characters who have them. (This bias has always caused me to dislike Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo, for instance.) I make an exception for Rei, however.

Reichu: A Rei by any other iris pigmentation would be just as creepy and disturbing, in my book. ;;> On another note, the more naturalistic portrayal of Rei's eye here amuses me: Her iris is round like a real human being's, as opposed to being the stylized oval shape typical of anime.