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Unmei sae mada shirenai, itaike na hitomi

(Such innocent eyes, still ignorant of their destiny)

Closeup of Misato's face fades in, its movement synchronous with a silhouette.
Misato looks up.

NakedEYE666: Misato is the character I've always associated with the line “desperate for something to touch”. I think that's shown a few times in the series, no?

Reichu: Well, actually, ADV's translation of the song is a bit… loose. Miyuki Takayama contributed a more accurate translation to www.animelyrics.com and made a few comments on this matter:

When ADV “translated” this song, they decided to change the words so that the English “translation” could be sung to the beat of the original song (this is commonly called dubtitling). But in the process of changing the “translation” to fit the beat of the song, they had to take rather big liberties with it, until their “translation” was no longer correct.

MDWigs: Yeah, I remember singing along with it when I first started watching the series, and thought it strange how well the English matched the music

Reichu: So, what ADV “translated” as “desperate for something to touch” really means “something that/someone who touches gently” (sotto fureru mono). Although, yes, Misato can be pretty desperate: She'll go after anything from unkempt-looking men to 14-year-old boys to genetically-engineered penguins if she thinks she can get some good lovin' out of it. And, hey, speaking of penguins, anyone else notice Pen²'s mysterious absence from the OP?

HeWhoPostsStuff: Pen²'s absence is of course due to the fact that he's busy behind the scenes pulling all the strings that affect how the series progresses. C'mon, everyone knows that.

MDWigs: This is pretty telling actually. Pen² was obviously there from the onset (he's in the second episode), but he was left out of the opening. This is interesting because the “cute mascot animal” is a staple of many anime and usually features (at least somewhere) in the opening. All of the other obvious hints in the opening aside, this could be yet another indication that NGE is more than it appears.