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Introduction To The Project

This is a work-in-progress and will remain so for a good long time. Bookmarks to the various subsections on this page:

“NGE ”?

Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you have no idea what this is, you might want to leave. Even if you are familiar with this psychotic anime, but you haven't seen it in its entirety (TV series, “Director's Cut” episodes, DEATH, and End of Evangelion), you definitely should leave. There are no spoiler warnings here; read at your own risk. However, if you are a NGE neophyte who has seen everything and is still confused as hell (rightfully so!), read on.

Yeesh, another NGE website?

Heh, it's not just another NGE website! Upon completion, this will serve as a grand compendium of the NGE knowledge we have accumulated over years of nerdy obsession (or “passion”, as some might prefer to put it) and countless forum posts. Even after many of us inevitably move on with our lives, and the Earth, the Moon, and even the Sun have disappeared, this site will remain — our eternal legacy to enlighten future generations of n00bs. Well, that's a bit over-optimistic, but you get the idea. We hope to realize our goals in the form of a “commentary” — a visual, web-based one as opposed to the audio ones that have been popularized via the DVD video format. (A condensed audio form of the commentary is an eventual possibility, but right now we are just concentrating on generating the written content.) Currently, the process works something like this:

  1. A series of web pages (called commentary pages) are created to represent a particular episode (or other part of the series we want to comment on).
  2. A thread is created over at this forum, where people are free to post comments, ask questions, and let the discussion flow. (No trolling or other unpleasantries, of course.)
  3. Over time, content is pulled from the discussion thread, edited into a more concise form, and placed into the appropriate commentary page.
  4. When we feel we are done with that episode, we move on with the next. (Previously covered segments, however, are always open for new additions and changes.)

In addition, appendices are created as the need arises to supplement the content in the commentary itself.


This site is made by fans for fans, is completely non-commercial, and is completely unaffiliated with Gainax, ADV, Manga Entertainment, or any other corporate entities mentioned. Neon Genesis Evangelion and related images, characters, and concepts are copyright © Studio Gainax. All other material is the copyright of its original owner. All original material is copyright © 2004–2005 The NGE Fan-Geeks Commentary Project.

How To Reach Us

Reichu can be reached at her e-mail address. ([email protected]) and Mr. Tines at “[email protected]”. All of us can be found at EvaGeeks.org Evangelion Forum. If you feel you have something to add, please join us!